GB standard

GB standard

Xinhui Valve Company’s products are manufactured in accordance with the latest national GB standards. Xinhui valve manufacturing standards mainly include chemical standards, industrial standards, power station valve standards, national standard standards, American standard standards, German standards, etc.

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GB standard

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Commonly used GB standards for valves

Commonly used basic standards, material standards, test and inspection standards, conventional valve product design standards, special valve product design standards, component standards, and drive device standards for valves.

1. Basic Standards

GB/T 1047-2005 Definition and selection of DN (nominal size) of piping components

Definition and selection of GB/T 1048-2005 pipeline element PN (nominal pressure)

GB/T 6567.4-2008 Technical Drawings Graphical Symbols of Piping Systems Valves and Control Components

GB/T 12220-2015 Industrial valve marking

GB/T 12221-2005 Metal valve structure length

GB/T 12224-2015 General requirements for steel valves

GB/T 12241-2005 Safety valve general requirements

GB/T 12247-2015 Steam Traps Classification

GB/T 12250-2005 Steam trap terminology, mark, structure length

GB/T 17213.1-2015 Industrial Process Control Valves Part 1: Control Valve Terminology and General Provisions

GB/T 17213.5-2008 Industrial Process Control Valve Part 5: Marking

GB/T 21465-2008 Valve Terminology

GB/T 24919-2010 General requirements for installation, use and maintenance of industrial valves

GB/T 24921.1-2010 Size determination, selection and installation of pressure relief valves for petrochemical industry – Part 1: Size determination and selection

GB/T 24921.2-2010 Size determination, selection and installation of pressure relief valves for petrochemical industry – Part 2: Installation

GB/T 25739-2010 Technical Guidelines for Valve Commissioning of Nuclear Power Plants

GB 26640-2011 Specification for minimum wall thickness of valve housing

JB/T 106-2004 Valve marking and painting

JB/T 308-2004 Valve model preparation method

JB/T 1308.1-2011 PN2500 Ultra-high pressure valves and fittings – Part 1: Valve type and basic parameters

JB/T 2203-2013 Spring direct load safety valve structure length

JB/T 2205-2013 Pressure reducing valve structure length

JB/T 6438-2011 Technical requirements for plasma arc surfacing welding of valve sealing surface

JB/T 7928-2014 Industrial Valve Supply Requirements

2. Material Standard

GB/T 12225-2005 General valve copper alloy casting technical conditions

GB/T 12226-2005 General valve gray iron casting technical conditions

GB/T 12227-2005 General valve – Technical conditions for ductile iron castings

GB/T 12228-2006 General valve carbon steel forgings technical conditions

GB/T 12229-2005 General valve carbon steel casting technical conditions

GB/T 12230-2005 General valve stainless steel casting technical conditions

GB/T 29528-2013 Technical conditions for copper alloy forgings for valves

JB/T 5300-2008 Guidelines for selection of industrial valve materials

3. Test and inspection standards

JB/T 7248-2008 Technical conditions for low temperature steel castings for valves

JB/T 7744-2011 Alloy powder for plasma arc surfacing welding of valve sealing surface

JB/T 7927-2014 Appearance quality requirements for valve steel castings

JB/T 12000-2014 Technical condition test and inspection of pressure forged steel parts for thermal power supercritical and ultra-supercritical parameters valves

GB/T 12242-2005 Pressure release device Performance test specification

GB/T 12245-2006 Pressure reducing valve performance test method

GB/T 12251-2005 Steam trap test method

GB/T 13927-2008 Industrial valve pressure test

GB/T 172134-2015 Industrial Process Control Valve Part 4: Inspection and Routine Test

GB/T 22652-2008 Qualification of surfacing welding process for valve sealing surface

GB/T 26479-2011 Partial rotary valve with elastic sealing fire resistance test

GB/T 26480-2011 Inspection and testing of valves

GB/T 26481-2011 Valve fugitive test

GB/T 26482-2011 Check valve fire resistance test

GB/T 28777-2012 Evaluation of valves for petrochemical industry

GB/T 30832-2014 Valves Test method for flow coefficient and flow resistance coefficient

GB/T 32291-2015 Off-line verification and evaluation of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure safety valves

JB/T 6439-2008 Magnetic particle inspection of valve pressure parts

JB/T 6440-2008 Radiographic inspection of valve pressure casting steel parts

JB/T 6902-2008 Valve Liquid Penetration Testing

JB/T 6903-2008 Ultrasonic testing of valve forgings

JB/T 8858-2004 Gate valve static pressure life test procedure

JB/T 8859-2004 Globe valve-static pressure life test procedure

JB/T 8860-2004 Plug valve-static pressure life test procedure

JB/T 8861-2004 Ball valve static pressure life test procedure

JB/T 8863-2004 Butterfly valve static pressure life test procedure

JB/T 12003-2014 Specification for low temperature test device for valves

Four, conventional valve product design standards

GB/T 4213-2008 Pneumatic regulating valve

GB/T 8464-2008 Iron and copper threaded connection valves

GB/T 10869-2008 Power station regulating valve

GB/T 12232-2005 General valve flanged iron gate valve

GB/T 12233-2006 General valve Iron globe valve and lift check valve

GB/T 12234-2007 Steel gate valve with stud connection bonnet for oil and gas industry

GB/T 12235-2007 Steel globe valves and lift check valves for petroleum, petrochemical and related industries

GB/T 12236-2008 Steel swing check valve for petroleum, chemical and related industries

GB/T 12237-2007 Steel ball valves for petroleum, petrochemical and related industries

GB/T 12238-2008 Flange and wafer connection elastic sealing butterfly valve

GB/T 12239-2008 Industrial Valve Metal Diaphragm Valve

GB/T 12240-2008 Iron plug valve

GB/T 12243-2005 Spring direct load safety valve

GB/T 12244-2006 Pressure reducing valve general requirements

GB/T 12246-2006 Pilot-operated pressure reducing valve

GB/T 13932-1992 General valve iron swing check valve

GB/T 19672-2005 Technical conditions for pipeline valves

GB/T 21385-2008 Metal Sealed Ball Valve

GB/T 21386-2008 Proportional pressure reducing valve

GB/T 21387-2008 Axial flow check valve

GB/T 22130-2008 Steel plug valve

GB/T 22654-2008 Steam trap technical conditions

GB/T 23300-2009 Flat gate valve

GB/T 24920-2010 Steel pressure relief valve for petrochemical industry

GB/T 24925-2010 Cryogenic valve technical conditions

GB/T 26144-2010 Flange and wafer connection steel fluorine-lined plastic butterfly valve

GB/T 28776-2012 Steel gate valves, globe valves and check valves for oil and gas industry (≤DNl00)

GB/T 28778-2012 Pilot-operated safety valve

GB/T 29026-2012 Spring direct load safety valve for low temperature medium

JB/T 450-2008 Forging angle high pressure valve technical conditions

JB/T 5299-2013 Hydraulic Control Check Butterfly Valve

JB/T 7352-2010 Solenoid valve for industrial process control system

JB/T 7387-2014 Electric control valve for industrial process control system

JB/T 7746-2006 Compact steel valve

JB/T 7747-2010 Needle globe valve

JB/T 8691-2013 Knife gate valve without bonnet

JB/T 8937-2010 Wafer check valve

JB/T 11150-2011 Bellows Sealed Steel Globe Valve

JB/T 11487-2013 Bellows Sealed Steel Gate Valve

JB/T 11488-2013 Steel lined fluorine plastic gate valve

JB/T 12000-2014 Technical requirements for pressure-bearing steel forgings for thermal power supercritical and ultra-supercritical valves

JB/T 12001-2014 General requirements for thermal power supercritical and ultra-supercritical parameter valves

JB/T 12004-2014 Low vacuum butterfly valve technical conditions

JB/T 12006-2014 Steel pipe welded ball valve

5. Design standards for special valve products

GB/T 10868-2005 Power station temperature reducing and pressure reducing valve

GB/T 14478-2012 Basic technical conditions for inlet valves of large and medium turbines

GB/T 20173-2013 Oil and Gas Industry Pipeline Transmission System Pipeline Valve

GB/T 20910-2007 Temperature and pressure safety valve for hot water system

GB/T 21384-2008 Safety valve for electric water heater

GB/T 22653-2008 Emergency shut-off valve for liquefied gas equipment

GB/T 24917-2010 Glasses valve

GB/T 24918-2010 Emergency shut-off valve for low temperature medium

GB/T 24924-2010 Elastic sealing gate valve for water supply system

GB/T 26145-2010 Drain valve

GB/T 26146-2010 Eccentric half ball valve

GB/T 26478-2011 Globe valve and lift check valve for ammonia

GB/T 28259-2012 Oil and Gas Industry Downhole Equipment Downhole Safety Valve

GB/T 28572-2012 Water inlet valve series of large and medium turbines

GB/T 30818-2014 All-welded ball valves for pipeline transportation systems in the oil and gas industry

GB/T 32290-2015 Elastic sealing light gate valve for water supply system

JB/T 6441-2008 Safety valve for compressor

JB/T 8473-2014 Instrument valve group

JB/T 8692-2013 Flue Butterfly Valve

JB/T 10530-2005 Oxygen globe valve

JB/T 10674-2006 Hydraulic control valve

JB/T 10675-2006 Sleeve valve for water

JB/T 11057-2010 Rotary valve technical conditions

JB/T 11152-2011 Metal-sealed poppet plug valve

JB/T 11175-2011 Pigging valve for oil and gas industry

JB/T 11483-2013 High temperature blending valve

JB/T 11484-2013 Technical Specification for Valves for High Pressure Hydrogenation Units

JB/T 11490-2013 Quick-closing butterfly valve for steam turbine

JB/T 11491-2013 Skid-mounted gas pressure reducing device

JB/T 11492-2013 Copper ball valve and globe valve for gas pipeline

JB/T 11494-2013 Alumina Drain Special Valve

JB/T 11496-2013 Injection valve for metallurgical descaling system

JB/T 12002-2014 Extraction check valve for steam turbine

JB/T 12007-2014 Quick shut-off butterfly valve for blast furnace TRT system

6. Parts standard

GB/T 26147-2010 Ball valve ball technical conditions

JB/T 93-2008 Valve parts wrenches, handles and handwheels

JB/T 1700-2008 Valve parts Nuts, bolts and plugs

JB/T 1701-2010 Valve parts stem nut

JB/T 1702-2008 Valve parts bearing gland

JB/T 1703-2008 Valve parts bushing

JB/T 1708-2010 Valve parts packing gland, packing gland and packing pressure plate

JB/T 1712-2008 Valve parts packing and packing gasket

JB/T 1718-2008 Valve parts gaskets and stop washers

JB/T 1726-2008 Valve parts, disc cover and split ring

JB/T 1741-2008 valve parts top center

JB/T 1749-2008 Valve parts Ammonia valve disc

JB/T 1754-2008 Valve parts joint assembly

JB/T 1757-2008 Valve parts ferrule, ferrule nut

JB/T 1759-2010 Valve parts shaft sleeve

JB/T 2768-2010 Valve parts – Dimensions of high pressure pipes, fittings and valve ends

JB/T 2769-2008 Valve parts high pressure threaded flange

JB/T 2772-2008 Valve parts high pressure blind plate

JB/T 2776-2010 Valve parts high pressure lens gasket

JB/T 2778-2008 Valve parts, temperature marking of high pressure fittings and fasteners

JB/T 5208-2008 Valve parts spacer ring

JB/T 5210-2010 Valve parts upper sealing seat

JB/T 5211-2008 Valve parts gate valve seat

JB/T 10507-2005 Metal bellows for valves

JB/T 12005-2014 Short-tooth trapezoidal thread for valves

7. Drive device standard

GB/T 12222-2005 Connection of multi-turn valve drive device

GB/T 12223-2005 Part-turn valve drive connection

GB/T 24922-2010 Technical conditions for explosion-proof valve electric device


T 24923-2010 Technical conditions for common valve electric devices

GB/T 28270-2012 Intelligent valve electric device

JB/T 2195-2011 Specifications of three-phase asynchronous motors for YDF2 series valve electric devices

JB/T 8530-2014 Model compilation method of valve electric device

JB/T 8531-2013 Valve manual device technical conditions

JB/T 8862-2014 Valve electric device life test procedures

JB/T 8864-2004 Valve pneumatic device technical conditions

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The valves we produce meet various international testing indicators, and all kinds of valves are manufactured and accepted according to relevant domestic standards such as GB and JB, as well as international standards such as ANSI, API, JIS, and BS. DIN. Please contact us for special production standards.

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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


单击 “编辑” 按钮更改此文本。这是测试文本。



D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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