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XinHui ceo founded Xinhui Valve Co., Ltd. The company has comprehensive management experience in enterprise business management, enterprise informatization, private equity and venture capital, intelligent manufacturing, etc. It has excellent market insight and broad international vision. The driving force and orientation of “performance” and “excellent operation”, strong ability of internal and external resource integration, strategy formulation and implementation, and team leadership.



Xinhui is people-oriented and pays attention to the common development of the company and its employees. The company has a complete welfare system to provide employees with the best working environment. We are constantly improving our cultural environment and fulfilling our commitment to creating an excellent cultural environment, because this is our persistent pursuit. xinhui is a warm home that can help you to develop yourself continuously.

OUR valve

Our valve is a professional manufacturer of valves, pipe fittings, castings using modern silica sol precision casting process. The company has modern high-precision casting equipment, advanced processing and testing equipment, such as CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, spectrum analyzers, ultrasonic detectors, magnetic particle inspection and so on. These devices guarantee the excellent quality of our products.
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We are a Chinese industrial valve manufacturer, we have a bold vision and hope that our valves can be produced all over the world!



Founded in January, 2009, Xinhui Valve Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality and high value-added valves and fluid control related products and services for the energy industry. After years of innovative management, we have come one of the enterprises with larger market share in the valve industry. We specializes in producing valves appled in nuclear power, thermal power, petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical and so on. and we enjoys high reputation and strong brand recognition especially in the power station, the petroleum and petrochemical industry.


We possess several professional production lines for power station valves, American Standard valves, general valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, control valves, forged steel valves, stainless steel valves, etc. we can manufacuture high-end valves such as high-temperature power station valves for power station systems, pump protection valves (TDM automatic recirculation valves), valves for petroleum and petrochemical systems, high pound full forged valves, pneumatic, hydraulic and pneumatic hydraulic quick closing butterfly valves, extraction check valves (quick closing check valves), and can also manufacture general high and medium pressure gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, fluorine lined valves, etc. and our products are able to meet complex working conditions, such as high temperature condition, high pressure condition, sulfur resistance condition, corrosion resistance condition, abrasion resistance condition and so on.


There are hundreds of product types and thousands of product specifications. The valve standards produced by the company include: GB standard; Hg Ministry of chemical industry, JB standard; American standards: ANSI and API standards. The main body of the valve can adopt WCB, LCB, wc6, wc9, lcr5mo, 15cr1mov 20CrMoV.  CF8, CF8M, CF3, cf3m, lcr18ni9ti, cn7m, c12a, P91 and other national standard materials. The operation modes include manual, gear transmission, worm gear transmission, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. Nominal diameter: dn10-dn2000mm (2, -60,); Nominal pressure: pn1.0-42.0mpa (150lb-2500lb) <, applicable temperature: -196~600 ℃, products are widely used in power stations, petrochemical, coal chemical, urban construction, natural gas, medicine, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

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Xinhui Valve Co., Ltd. has developed the control valve (high pressure heater combined valve) of the steam turbine bypass system of the power station, the high and low pressure bypass device, the shackle base alloy valve for petroleum and petrochemical industry, and the special valve for coal chemical industry. Xinhui Valve Co., Ltd. has high-tech testing equipment and methods such as chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis, mechanical performance test, hardness test, wall thickness measurement, valve life test, low temperature test, fire test and ultra-high pressure large diameter valve performance test, ensuring that each valve is a high-quality product.


April showers bring May flowers. Xinhui Valve Co., Ltd. adheres to the business policy of “scientific innovation, quality first, integrity-based”. Provide customers with fast, comprehensive value-added services and leading solutions, and become a strategic partner trusted by customers.

The company adopts a new network management method, that is, it realizes computer network management from product sales (pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales), manufacturing, design, finance, warehousing, personnel management, etc., so as to provide customers with the best quality products in the shortest time, and give full play to the infinite potential of the team for customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company has specially set up a technical support and after-sales service department to provide customers with more perfect after-sales service. Products are also exported to Europe and the United States, Singapore, Egypt, India and the Middle East and other countries and regions. The market share continues to rise, and the product quality and service quality have been highly praised by Chinese and foreign users

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Main products and company appearance of Chinese valve solution suppliers

industrial valve

API 602 Soft Sealing Float Ball Valve manufacturer

Ball valve


Butterfly valve


Check valve

Control valve

Z541H Y W美标闸阀

Gate valve


Globe valve


Other valve

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The company is located in Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou, China. If you want to visit our company, please contact us and we will arrange a vehicle to pick you up at the airport!

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Our company covers an area of 300 acres. Plant 4000 square meters.

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I am very happy to be invited to share our long-term cooperation experience for the xinhui website! Japan is very strict on the production standards of valves, but Xinhui has never let me down in our cooperation for so many years, so I recommend you to start your valve business with them too!
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Hello everyone, I'm Tony, I'm very happy to share the story between us and Xinhui Valve, the CEO of Xinhui company must ask me to shoot this video, I refused at first, but their work is done so well , I think I can't help but tell everyone that my cooperation with Xinhui is really good, so I recommend them! After working with them I believe you are too!

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