Ball valves vs .gate valves

Ball valves vs .gate valves

Gate valves

The gate valves are the most usable valves for water supply systems. It is one of the linear motion and isolation valves and those have the ability to allow and stop the flow. These kinds of valves are not used to regulate the flow and they are used to open it whole or completely close it. The partial opening of the valve will cause harm and the name gate valves have come from the closure part. These parts slide into the fluid flow and it produces the shutting off and acting as a gate.

Ball valves

Ball valves are actually the mechanical devices that help in controlling, directing, guiding and in modulating the flow of substances such as liquids, pressures and gas etc. there are many types of ball valves which contain the different devices for different kinds of uses. These valves are very reliable and it closes after a very prolonged period of durable working, rest and it works well after many cycles.

Ball valves vs .gate valves

Gate valves and ball valves are very commonly used control valves in the market. They are actually used to control the flow of gasses and liquids. They are actually used in similar settings but there are some important differences between these two valves.

Operation difference between gate valves and ball valves

The ball valve uses a rotary ball with a stem and bore. When the handle gets attached to the stem it is turned and it rotates the ball to close or open the valve. This valve is open when the handle is parallel to the pipe and it is also closed when the handle is perpendicular to the pipe.

Whereas the gate valve uses the gate to control the media flow. A gate valve has the solid disk structure that is actually connected to the stem. The gate is lifted up to open the valve and it is then turned down to its original position to close the valve.

Selection criteria between gate valves and ball valves

The following criteria could be considered before selecting between gate valve and a ball valve.

1.   Ports

Ball valves have more than 2 ports whereas gate valves have only 2 ports.

2.   Flow capacity of valves

The gate valves provide larger capacity of flowing than a ball valve because they are offered typically in large diameters.

3.   Pressure

Both gate valves and ball valves are used for low pressure application. But for higher pressure application gate valves are better.

4.   Sealing

The ball valve provides a tight seal and it has a good shutting off capacity as compared to the gate valves.

5.   Cost

The ball valves are more expensive than gate valves of the same specifications. It requires less maintenance compared to the gate valve and it is more durable.

Which is better: ball valve and gate valve?

Actually it depends totally on the application. A ball valve is more suitable for smaller flow rates and anything requires more than 2 ports and for durability concerns. On the other hand, the gate valve is cheaper than the ball valve and it is better for higher flow rates and it requires small installation space.


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