Valve function in piping

What are valves?

A valve is the mechanical device that is used in a fluid system. It controls, directs, mixes, regulates and isolates the flow or pressure of the fluid. When the valve is in the open position the passageway is unobstructed and the fluid by modifying the passageway through the pipe. Valves are pipe fitting but due to their critical function there are many varieties of types. Valves are often the coolest components of the piping system.

Functions of valves in the piping system

Valves play a critical role in increasing the efficiency, safety and improving the quality control. The selection of the valve is the desired function of the valve. Valves are incorporated into the piping system for more than one following reasons:

·         Stopping and starting of the fluid flow

·         Throttling flow rates with the piping system

·         Pressure regulation and fluid temperature in the piping system

·         Redirecting the fluid flow from one part to another

·         Restricting the flow system and prevent over pressurization

·         Helps in preventing the fluid flow

·         Stopping the flow in case of system failure

·         Helps in improving the safety through vacuum and relieving pressure in the piping system

Valves in piping

The importance of valves in the industry always remains with their different functions and sizes. Whether the material is in liquid state or in gas state it is fully balanced and operated through the valve. Valves always play an important role in the industry even when the fluid is running in gas, liquid and in powder state. Valves play an important role in the industry even when the fluid that is running is gas, liquid etc.

Valves are installed for many purposes in piping like regulation, isolation, and for special purposes also. We can also classify valves in 2 types. Self-operated valves that are also called check valves. Other is operated valves. The selection of valves depends on the nature of the fluid and what to handle.

Types of valves used in piping

A good range of valves are used today as required by the industry. It is classified into many labels. The types of valves in piping are as follows:

1.   Isolation valves

Many types of valves are used in isolation valves such as ball valves, gate valves, piston valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and pinch valves.

2.   Regulation valve

Regulation valves are used in needle valves, globe valve, butterfly valve, piston valve and in pinch valve.

3.   Non return valve

Non return valves are also called check valves in which two types of valves are used. One lift check valve and the other is swing valve.

4.   Special valve

Valves that perform functions other than two way isolation. This includes multiport, pressure relief, flushing and many other functions are all called special valves.


Valves are used for our home products and industries. They are used in all type of activities. In this way we can say that the valves in the piping system are very important and it is enough to control the fluid flow.


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