Application fields of ten kinds of valves


With the various needs of modern life, the spare parts for the production of these important products also emerge in an endless stream. Below we list the main application fields of these 10 types of valves.

  1. Valves for petroleum installations;

1) Oil refining plant, most of the valves needed in oil refining plant are pipeline valves, mainly gate valves, globe valves, check valves, safety valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, steam traps, among which, the demand for gate valves accounts for about 80% of the total number of valves. (The valve accounts for 3% to 5% of the total investment of the installation);

2) Chemical fiber plant, chemical fiber products mainly include three categories: polyester, acrylic and vinylon. Ball valve and jacketed valve (jacketed ball valve, jacketed gate valve, jacketed globe valve) of the valve required;

3) Acrylonitrile device. The device generally needs to use standard-produced valves, mainly gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, traps, needle globe valves, and plug valves. Among them, gate valves account for about 75% of the total valves;

4) Synthetic ammonia plant. Because the synthesis of ammonia source and purification methods are different, the process flow is different, and the technical functions of the required valves are also different. At present, the domestic ammonia plant mainly needs gate valve, globe valve, check valve, steam trap, butterfly valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, needle valve, safety valve, high temperature and low temperature valve;

  1. Valves used in hydropower stations, the construction of power stations in my country is developing in the direction of large-scale, so large-diameter and high-pressure safety valves, pressure reducing valves, globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, emergency shut-off valves, flow control valves, and spherical sealing instruments are required. Shut-off valve.
  2. Metallurgical application valves and alumina behavior in the metallurgical industry mainly require wear-resistant slurry valves (in-flow globe valves) and regulating traps. The steel-making industry mainly needs metal-sealed ball valves, butterfly valves and oxide ball valves, stop flash and four-way directional valves;
  3. Marine application valves, with the development of offshore oilfield exploitation, the amount of valves needed for marine flat development has gradually increased. Offshore platforms need to use shut-off ball valves, check valves and multi-way valves;
  4. Valves for food and medicine applications, stainless steel ball valves, non-toxic all-plastic ball valves and butterfly valves are mainly used in this industry. Among the above 10 types of valve products, the demand for general-purpose valves is relatively high, such as instrument valves, needle valves, needle globe valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, and butterfly valves;
  5. Valves used in rural and urban buildings and urban construction systems generally use low-pressure valves, and are currently developing in the direction of environmental protection and energy saving. Environmentally friendly rubber plate valves, balance valves, midline butterfly valves, and metal-sealed butterfly valves are gradually replacing low-pressure iron gate valves. Most of the valves used in domestic urban buildings are balance valves, soft-sealed gate valves, butterfly valves, etc.;
  6. In rural and urban heating valves and urban heat generation systems, a large number of metal-sealed butterfly valves, horizontal balance valves and directly buried ball valves are required. These valves solve the problem of vertical and horizontal hydraulic imbalance in the pipeline, and achieve energy saving and generation. the purpose of thermal balance.
  7. In environmental protection application valves and domestic environmental protection systems, the water supply system mainly needs to use midline butterfly valves, soft-sealed gate valves, ball valves, and exhaust valves (used to remove air in the pipeline). The sewage treatment system mainly needs soft sealing gate valve and butterfly valve;
  8. Valves for gas and city gas account for 22% of the entire natural market. The amount of valves is large and there are many types. Mainly need ball valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve;
  9. Pipeline application valves and long-distance pipelines are mainly crude oil, finished products and natural pipelines. The most commonly used valves for such pipelines are forged steel three-piece full-bore ball valves, anti-sulfur flat gate valves, safety valves, and check valves.


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