Valve drive mode

Valve drive mode

What are the valve drive mode? The valve can be divided into driven valve and automatic valve according to the driving method, and the driven valve can be divided into manual valve and power driven valve. We are a valve manufacturer from China, we can customize the valve for you according to the needs of your industry!

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Valve drive mode

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You Need to Know About Valve drive mode!

Valve drive mode

The valve actuation device can be different types on the basis of:

Mode of movement of the drive mechanism 
    1. Straight Race
    2. AngularTravel

 Drive structure

    1. Diaphragm Cylinder
    2. Piston cylinder
    3. Piston rack
    4. Piston connecting rod
    5. Piston fork
    6. Piston screw

 Blade

 Air engine

 Membrane and ratchet combination


Valve transmission mode

The valve transmission mode can be different types:
Manual drive handle handwheel (including deceleration through intermediate gear)
Spring lever
Electric drive
Electric motor
Pneumatic drive

Electric Devices


Wide applicability and use
Great resistance to ambient temperature
Huge selection of output torque transformers
Ease of control
Usable for various signals (such as DC, AC, short wave, pulse, etc)
Suitable for amplification, memory, logical judgment and calculation.
Ultra-miniaturization can be achieved
Features mechanical self-locking (designed to ensure mechanical seal)
Easy to install
Extremely simple maintenance and repair


Complex and articulated structure
Low mechanical efficiency (generally only 25% to 60%)
The output speed cannot be too low or too high
Easily affected by power supply voltage and frequency changes

Hydraulic Devices


Simple, compact and small size structure
Great output force
It is easy to get low or high speed, plus it can be changed continuously.
Automatic remote control
It offers very high efficiency due to the viscosity of the hydraulic oil, self-lubricating performance

and anti-rust performanceDISADVANTAGES

Variations in the viscosity of the oil may occur due to variations in the oil temperature
Hydraulic components and hoses can be lost if you are not careful
Maintenance can be cumbersome

Pneumatic Devices


Simple structure
The gas source is easy to find
A high switching speed can be achieved
A speed regulator can be installed to vary the switching according to your needs

The gas has a high compressibility and is elastic


Compared to plumbing devices, it has a larger structure
It is not suitable for large diameter and high pressure valves

Due to the compressibility of the gas, it can be difficult to achieve a uniform speed

Valve actuation

The selection of the valve actuation mode is based on:
  • Form
  • Specifications
  • Structure
  • Valve opening and closing torque (Line pressure, Maximum valve pressure difference)
  • Maximum ambient temperature
  • How and how often I use the valve
  • Opening and closing speed and time
  • Stem diameter, pitch, direction of rotation
  • Connection method
  • Power source parameters (Power supply voltage, Phase number, Frequency)
  • Pneumatic pressure of the air source
  • Hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic source
  • Additional Considerations (Low temperature, Anti-corrosion, Explosion-proof, Waterproof, Flame
  • retardant, Radiation resistant)

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OEM & ODM XinHui valve Applications

PTFE lined ball valve & Fluorine Lined Ball Valve

Q41F4 F46 Fluorine lined ball valve - recommended for chemical industry

The fluorine-lined ball valve has small fluid resistance, smooth inner wall and smooth flow passage, which is the smallest fluid resistance among all valves. Using special molding process, the lining material is lined on the inner wall of the valve shell, which can resist the corrosion of strong acid and alkali medium. The lining spherical surface is combined with the PTFE valve seat, which has good sealing performance and achieves zero leakage.

Ash unloading ball valve (coal injection ball valve) - recommended for coal chemical industry

The ash discharge ball valve is often used to cut off or connect the medium in the mining, refining and processing of oil, natural gas, coal and ore and pipeline transportation systems; especially suitable for blast furnace pulverized coal injection, dust and solid powder pipeline systems, air pipelines and spray guns Pipelines, etc. The ash discharge ball valve is used for the equipment for conveying pulverized coal, control gas, particle-containing fluid and powder solid medium. It is a suitable valve for pulverized coal injection in metallurgy and mineral processing.

Fully Welded Forged Steel Fixed Ball Valve - Recommended for Petroleum Industry

Forged steel fully welded ball valves can be used in various types of petroleum pipeline equipment. The fully welded ball valve can be used reliably for a long time, without maintenance, and the operation is simple. The installation of the valve is more convenient, which saves the engineering time and reduces the engineering cost. The service life of the forged steel fully welded ball valve is the same as that of the pipeline.

DQ41F Cryogenic Ball Valve

DQ41F Cryogenic Ball Valve-Recommended for natural gas industry

The main features of the low temperature ball valve are its compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The low temperature floating ball valve is also suitable for medium with harsh working conditions and is widely used in the natural gas industry.

DYQ340F Top Entry Eccentric Half Ball Valve

DYQ340F Top Entry Eccentric Half Ball Valve-Recommended for mining industry

The top-loading eccentric half-ball valve is suitable for the mining industry. The ball and the valve seat of the top-loading eccentric half-ball valve are completely separated, which eliminates the wear of the sealing ring and overcomes the problem that the traditional ball valve seat and the sealing surface of the ball are always worn. Non-metallic elastic material It is embedded in the metal seat, and the metal surface of the valve seat is well protected.

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