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When it comes to industrial high-performance valves, we’ve been designing exceptional products. Our valves are known for their excellent durability, long lasting globe and high torque capacity, whether they involve valves in various hazardous areas, meet the needs of different industries, such as chemicals, power, oil or gas, etc. Design of unique and customized valve solutions for the control of fluids, in terms of assortment and technical / construction quality, to always be revolutionary and in step with the times.

Valve type and valve code

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Valve function type

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Valve Suitable Medium

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Valve drive mode

The valve actuation type involves the operation of the valve, and we have been doing research in the field of automated valves!

valve end connection types

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Valve parts structure

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Valve sealing surface material

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Valve nominal pressure

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Valve material& packing material

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Tailor-made solutions

Custom Valve Solutions

Our valves ensure efficient fluid control and are one of the most competitive products on the world market.

Our projects are the result of the best engineering minds, to ensure safety and efficiency during the handling and control of gases and fluids in power plants and large and small industries belonging to different product sectors. We design miniaturized and precision solutions to face some of the most difficult challenges in our sector, developing any type of valve according to your needs and, based on the function it will have to perform, we also select the construction material, the connection and the most suitable types of media. suitable and performing.


Why choose XinHui valve as your Custom Valve Systems Manufacturer?

  • We are a valve manufacturer based in Wenzhou, China since 2009. We are the partner you were looking for, with more than 10 years of experience and expertise we help develop customized valve solutions by working peer-to-peer with customer technicians .
  • We take the time to understand exactly what our customers’ problems are and address them as a team. We work with each of our clients to identify what needs to be done, formulate a plan and then find a solution that solves their problem and enables them to achieve success. 
  • XinHui valves are meticulously tested to offer you maximum safety, strictly following the regulations and control systems necessary to guarantee you the highest quality. 
  • We are proud holders of ISO 9001 certification and many other international qualifications for the production of valves: also for this reason we are leaders in the sector.

We are not only a manufacturer of valves, but also a disseminator of industry knowledge


OEM & ODM XinHui valve Applications


Hydraulic steam extraction check valve H764Y-recommended for power station industry

Hydraulic steam extraction check valve H764Y is used in the extraction system of power plants or thermal power plants to prevent the pressure in the steam turbine from being suddenly reduced when the steam turbine is loaded, and the steam in the extraction pipe and each heater flows back into the steam turbine, causing the steam turbine to be broken. Vicious accident that destroys the steam turbine generator, and protects the steam turbine or the extraction system.


ZH41HF Axial flow check valve-recommended for chemical industry

ZH41HF axial flow check valve can meet different application conditions with good reliability and low maintenance and operation cost. Used in many strict occasions. The flow-through surfaces of the valve body cavity surface, deflector cover, valve disc, etc. of the axial flow check valve should have a streamline shape, with a rounded front and a sharp back. The fluid exhibits predominantly laminar flow at its surface with little or no turbulence.


Hy44F(W) Copper Oxygen Check Valve-Recommended Oxygen Medium Industry

The swing type copper oxygen special check valve only allows the medium to flow in one direction, and prevents the flow in one direction. Usually this kind of valve works automatically. Under the action of fluid pressure flowing in one direction, the valve flap opens; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and the self-coincident valve flap of the valve flap act on the valve seat, thereby cutting off the flow.


HH512BF swash plate check valve - recommended for oil and gas industry

HH512BF swash plate check valve is widely used in pipeline system to prevent liquid backflow hazards and protect mechanical equipment. It not only has the functional characteristics of general check valves, but also has the functions of reducing water hammer damage, reducing noise, reducing pressure drop and rapid response, etc. Superior features. It has an axial-flow symmetrical structure and a streamlined flow channel, and the pressure loss is very small. The special manufacturing technology ensures the high requirements of zero leakage. It also has the advantages of no impact on opening and closing, maintenance-free and simple installation.

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