Xinhui Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of Industrial valve sales and service. The valves we produce are recognized by the industry for their high quality and are well received in China. We export valves to more than 30 countries and serve 330 international customers. If you are looking for a professional industrial valve sales and service team, Xinhui Valve is your ideal choice!

Reply quickly

Our sales team is online all day. Our engineers are on call to ensure efficiency in the event of detailed technical issues.

Professional Services

Excellent professional team service. We not only have more than 13 years of valve manufacturing and sales experience, but also have a technical team of more than 30 people who can act as your technical consultant to solve after-sales problems for you.

Reliable Quality

Xinhui takes quality control as the top priority. All our products are produced and controlled strictly according to domestic and foreign standards. Our factory has a complete enterprise standardization system and complete production, processing and testing equipment.

Efficient Production

We have an excellent team of engineers who continuously develop and innovate our valve products. We have also introduced advanced technology and technical equipment from Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries. Ou Ming has always been at the forefront of industry technology.

Fast delivery

The production order is issued immediately after receiving the advance payment. We can make shipping plans according to your requirements, and we promise to deliver on time according to packaging standards.

Quality Commitment

Provide customers with return and exchange services within 12 months from the date of shipment. Email and phone inquiries are provided throughout the product transaction process. The implementation rate of market and user quality feedback is 100%. The multi-channel after-sales service team is always on call to solve any problems after your purchase.

Valve Compensation Instructions

Due to the quality of the product itself, compensation will be unconditional, except for the following cases:

①. The selected model does not match the service medium

②. Abnormal wear caused by impurities in the pipeline

③. Failure to follow the operating procedures

④. There is no regular maintenance

⑤. The accessories are damaged during transportation.

Compensation Process


Customer's Feedback

Step 2

Provide photos/videos/defective products

Step 3

Awaiting company review

Step 4

One year warranty

Warm Tips

①.Suggest installing a strainer before the valve to keep good performance and extend the service life.

②.Normally, the valve needs to be checked and maintained every three months.

③.Recommended regular maintenance items: Clean up the impurities in a strainer, maintain valve seals and lubricate the moving parts.


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