Valve function type

Valve function type​

With the developed industrial development in the new century, there are more and more Valve function types of valves. As a Chinese industrial valve manufacturer, we can produce and design new valves to meet the valve function types required by customers, especially in the field of high temperature and high pressure power plants. Be on the leading edge!

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Valve function type

Variety of valve functions​

The valves produced by our company can meet a variety of industrial production environments, and the valve functions are complete and diverse! Meet the multi-faceted industry functional needs of customers!


Functional efficiency of the valve

The valves we produce can cope with severe industrial production environments, maintenance-free and efficient operation, safety and reliability, and long service life are our advantages


The functional transcendence of the valve

The valves we produce can exceed the valve products of the same industry in various limit indicators. For example, the temperature of high-temperature valves can reach up to 800 degrees Celsius​

You Need to Know About Variety of valve functions

Variety of valve functions

Isolation valve

The thermal insulation valve offers thermal insulation measures for many industrial applications, ensuring improved energy savings, safety and reliability, as well as a longer valve life.

When the temperature is high or low, the material in the thermal insulation valve has an insulating effect on the fluid which does not condense and does not stick inside the valve body to keep the valve opening and closing functioning.

The diameter of these valves adapts to the size of the pipe to ensure maximum insulation and, at the same time, effectively reduces any heat loss of the fluid in the pipe itself.

They are widely used in various sectors: petroleum, industrial, chemical, metallurgical and pharmaceutical, where in addition to minimizing the dispersion of heat from the pipeline, they prevent the appearance of crystallization and solidification of the medium.

Low temperature valves

Low temperature valves include ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, safety valves, check valves and more, all of which are mainly used in chemical plants (such as those where several tons of ethylene and natural gas are used liquefied). The low-temperature liquid medium at the outlet (ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, etc.) is not only flammable and explosive, it must also be gasified when heated and its volume expands hundreds of times during gasification.
For this reason the material of the valve through which the liquefied natural gas passes is very important: if not of quality it will cause external leaks or internal leaks in the casing and in the sealing surface! Leakage of the liquefied natural gas medium causes the explosion, so it is very dangerous to use substandard materials for the development, design and development process of LNG valves.

Fireproof valves

The fire valve is a normally closed valve, which is opened via 24V DC and closes automatically at 280 ° C, and must be reset manually.

When the fumes temperature reaches 280 ℃ and people have been practically evacuated and the fumes discharge has no practical significance (so the fumes are already on fire), the fireproof valve is automatically closed to prevent the spread of fire. For this reason, the valve must also be reset manually after the emergency is over.

Slow closing valve

These valves have a damping and slow closing function, allowing fluid to slowly (in an adjustable manner) enter the pressure chamber to allow the valve core to slowly close.

Ordinary valves do not have the slow closing function, so it is important to choose the most suitable and specific model for the purpose. Using ordinary check valves in pipelines causes a large amount of pressure due to the flow of water and the pressure of the pipeline when they are opened or closed. All this affects the safety of the pipe, which is why the slow closing is a special product designed based on the characteristics of the water that guarantees maximum safety and functionality.

Exhaust valve: Structure & Characteristics

The slag drain valve is an industrial valve, suitable for preparing coal, food, paper, medicine, chemicals, slag and other gas pipelines in mining power plants, cement industries and many other fields.


• This valve is suitable for conveying pulverized coal, ash and other materials pipelines in power plants, metallurgical and cement industries, where it plays the role of interruption and flow.
• The valve disc is a hemispherical shell: when the valve is open, the tube has a full diameter and there is no object in the channel that obstructs the flow of fluid, so that the ash and slag flow more smoothly.
• The valve body is inlaid with a rubber sealing ring that can expand and contract: when it opens, it shrinks and there is no friction between the sealing surfaces. During closing, the sealing ring expands and compresses with the valve disc to achieve sealing.
• The metal pressure plate protects the rubber sealing ring and prevents the fluid from rubbing. The valve disc surface is specially treated, resistant to degreasing and has a long service life.
• Pneumatic operation is easy to realize remote control and automatic control.


჻ The sealing surface of the gate can be raised, which can scrape off the adhesive on the sealing surface and automatically remove the various
჻ The stainless steel gate can prevent leakage caused by corrosion
჻ Overall stainless steel material can prevent corrosion damage
჻ Short structural length, which can save raw materials, installation space, and effectively support the strength of the pipeline
჻ Scientific design of the top seal packing makes the top seal safe, effective and durable
჻ Triangular bracket saves raw materials and ensures high mechanical properties
჻ The guide block on the valve body causes the gate to move correctly. The extrusion block guarantees the effective sealing of the gate
჻ Valve body rib design improves valve body strength
჻ The stainless steel valve stem is durable and the double-ended screw makes opening and closing faster
჻ The drive mechanism can be arbitrarily selected
჻ The V-gate can be used as a regulating valve

Quick valves

The quick Globe valve is an important part of the safety system of the central heating unit and is an important safety device to ensure the safe operation of the steam extraction unit and prevent the steam turbine overspeed accident caused from the reverse flow of steam in the extraction pipeline.
The spring-loaded quick-closing valve is a new type of integrated electro-hydraulically operated quick-closing valve. The spring is the quick closing power of the valve and adopts advanced electro-hydraulic control technology to ensure automatic control of the valve itself, which therefore does not require external control of the oil source, adopting an integrated and modular design.
The quick drain valve is based on the principle of the water floating effect on the stainless steel floating ball: when the water level of the drain valve increases, the floating ball is automatically floated by the water thrust and at the same time to the exhaust until it is connected to the sealing surface of the exhaust port. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the ball will automatically close. When the water level in the valve decreases, the ball will fall as the water level drops. At this time, a large amount of air will be injected into the pipeline through the exhaust port. Inertia opens/closes the exhaust port automatically.
The quick closing check valve serves to quickly close the valve in an emergency and play a role in safety protection. The hydraulically operated quick Globe valve is mainly installed in the steam extraction piping of the steam turbine, the short-term piping of the blast furnace gas residual heat generating unit (TRT) and other high safety level and is used as an emergency Globe valve. The emergency Globe valve is implemented within 0.8 seconds to allow the pipeline to be shut off while protecting the safety of the turbine unit.

Bellows valve

The bellows valve is a balanced pressure control valve with a compact valve body, an S-streamline fluid channel, a small pressure drop, a large flow rate, and a wide adjustable range.
Bellows valves are a stem sealing element as they completely eliminate the deficiencies of the normal valve stem seal and seal, which ages and leaks easily. It not only improves the energy efficiency of use, increases the safety of production equipment, reduces maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, but also provides a clean and safe working environment.

Its simple structure and its low price make it very competitive and in demand, which is why it is often used in very controlled contents with strict requirements on the valve stem seal (such as in high vacuum applications and in the nuclear industry). The bellows is used to replace the stuffing box of the ordinary valve or to use it together with the stuffing box, so that there is no leakage to the valve stem, that the escape of radioactive or precious substances is avoided, or to maintain a high vacuum level.

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Customized on demand​

We very much welcome customers to bring your requirements in the industry, our industrial valve solutions include customized on demand! Use the best materials to produce standard compliant valves, If you need valve customization services, please contact us immediately

Valve quality​

Xinhui valve strictly controls the quality of the products in each process; on the other hand, it improves the work quality of the employees; and constantly pursues the high performance and high quality of the products, and is committed to becoming the preferred brand of valve products for the majority of users. . ​

Professional Services

Our salesman will answer your professional industry questions, product questions, transportation questions, etc. Our service personnel are online 7*12 hours. If you encounter time difference problems, please wait patiently for our reply, and we will reply you as soon as possible The problem.​

High and new technology​

As a high-tech enterprise in China, we can provide complete valve sample drawings, technical support for valve production process, technical support such as maintenance manuals, and strength calculation books. Frequently Asked Questions about Valve Operation.

R&D innovation​

Xinhui Valve has invested a lot of manpower and funds in the innovative research and development of valves, and opened laboratories, inspection rooms, and R&D rooms. 20 kinds of new products are developed every year. Customized industry-specific valves for customers, dozens of products under severe valve conditions.

International Standard

The valves we produce meet various international testing indicators, and all kinds of valves are manufactured and accepted according to relevant domestic standards such as GB and JB, as well as international standards such as ANSI, API, JIS, and BS. DIN. Please contact us for special production standards.​

We are not only a manufacturer of valves, but also a disseminator of industry knowledge


OEM & ODM Newinteg Butterfly valve Applications

Flange power station globe valve-recommended power station industry

The working pressure of flange power station globe valve is 1.6-32MPA (American standard 150LB-2500LB). The working temperature is -20°C- 550°C, and the valve diameter is from DN10-DN300. Connection method: flange, wire or welding. Application areas: mechanical equipment, chemical equipment, general parts, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, general equipment, petrochemical equipment, power equipment, metallurgical powder equipment, mining equipment, municipal, electronic industry, etc.


H42H Vertical Check Valve - Recommended for Pharmaceutical Industry

The H42H vertical check valve is normally closed. Due to the pressure of the medium at the inlet end of the pipeline, it overcomes the resistance of the spring to open the valve. When the medium pressure at the inlet end is lower than that at the outlet end, the spring pushes the valve core to the valve seat to close the valve, preventing the medium from flowing back, so it acts as a check. The valve can be installed vertically or horizontally due to the spring-supported valve core. This product is widely used in pipelines in various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and electric power industries.

H48H W空排止回阀

H48H-W Empty exhaust-check valve-recommended for oil industry

Quality control of the blank of the main body of the empty discharge check valve All the parts of this valve are forgings, and the forging is carried out in strict accordance with the forging process regulations and process cards, and the initial forging temperature, final forging temperature, deformation degree and deformation speed are strictly controlled. Cool with the prescribed cooling method. The chemical composition analysis, mechanical property test, intergranular corrosion test, and metallographic structure analysis of the forging products are carried out. After analysis, test and measurement, they all meet the corresponding standards.

Pneumatic high performance butterfly valve - recommended for metallurgical industry

The valve plate and sealing ring adopt a unique eccentric structure, which has the characteristics of compact structure, good cut-off performance and long service life. The pneumatic double-eccentric high-performance butterfly valve has both adjustment and cut-off functions. Pneumatic double eccentric high performance butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, light textile, food, medicine, papermaking and other industrial sectors as well as municipal engineering, water works and other pipelines for tap water, sewage, oil liquid or air, gas, natural gas, water steam etc

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