What is Electric Valve Drive?

Electric Valve Drive

An Electric Valve Drive or to be more little than an Electric Valve Drive. It is a machine that converts electrical energy into rotary torque which is used to drive a valve. An electric actuator consists of an electric motor and it produces low torque at high speed. It is connected to the gearbox and the speed is slow as it does to increase the torque. Electric circuit and electronic circuitry is used to control the stopping and starting of the motor when the valve is at the desired position.

How does an electric actuator work?

There are two main methods of achieving an electric closing and opening of the valve. One relates to the quarter turn valve and the other relates to the multi turn actuator. Connected with an electric ball valve, it is a unidirectional electric valve. It rotates in the same direction with the motor that is being stopped at 90 degrees. Typically it is fixed to the output shaft striking the electric motor switches. It cuts the power of the motor and waits as an electric command to run to the next position. This type of function reduces its cost of electronic controls as the motor. It always rotates in the same direction.

Different size of electric valve drive

Electric valve drives are available from very small sizes and it operates to small bore torque valves. They are typically used in light and domestic applications. It helps in working in aggressive atmospheres and helps in using complex gearings. The drivers are different from light duty and electric actuators and it is suitable for explosive atmospheres.

Electric valve drive function requirements

According to the engineering requirements the control function of the electric valve is completed by the electric drive. The main purpose of using an electric valve is to achieve non manual electric and computer control of the valve closing and opening leakage. The current use of electric devices not just saves man power. Due to large differences in quality and in function of products from manufacturers, the electric drive selection is very important to the projects.

Electric valve drive characteristic

1.   It is able to meet the requirements of working conditions. The working conditions are those not used by ordinary valves.

2.   It has both adjusting and switching functions with valve position output and indications

3.   Very suitable for almost with all media with maximum viscosity of 600 mm2/s

4.   Contains resistance, high temperature, chemical corrosion, durability and water hammer resistance

5.   These can be equipped with hand wheel type, explosive proof environment. They are also equipped with the explosive proof type.

Maintenance of Electric valve drive

1.   Electric valves should be stored in ventilated rooms and in dry rooms. Both ends of the passages should be blocked.

2.   Electric valves are stored for a long time and they should be inspected regularly. Dirt should be removed and they should be coated with rust proof on the processing surface.

3.   After its installation, regular inspection should be carried out.


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