Oil and gas Industries

Oil and gas Industries

We are a valve supplier from China, we produce professional Oil and gas Industries valves, natural gas low pressure valves, and high temperature and high pressure valves for the petroleum industry are our products. If you are Oil and gas Industries and need to buy such valve, please contact us!

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Oil and gas Industries

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Valve applications in the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas industries

Valves are a vital part of any piping system, which means that they play a key role in the oil and gas industry. In the oil and gas industry, they can be used to control flow rates, guide and direct the refining process of crude oil, and isolate and protect equipment. There are many types of valves used in oil and gas industries.

Common valves used in oil and gas industry

Below are few common valves that are used in the oil and gas industry of valves:

1.   Ball valves

Ball valves are used for the broadest spectrum of isolation applications, best in quick acting, bubble tight shut off, and easily actuated. Ball valves are actually the mechanical devices that help in controlling, directing, guiding and in modulating the flow of substances such as liquids, pressures and gas etc. there are many types of ball valves which contain the different devices for different kinds of uses.

2.   Check valves

Check valves are found in mostly every industrial application acting as non-return and one way valves. These check valves are simple devices that help in performing the functions by stopping the reverse flow. It also helps in preventing damage and making sure they perform efficient operations.

Different type of check valves are actually designed for specific applications. Swing check valve, piston check valve, ball check valves and tilting check valve are some common check valves used in the oil and gas industries.

3.   Pressure seal valves

Pressure seal valves, as its name states, are to control high pressure. It is typically used in over 170 bars. It has a pressure seal bonnet to control internal pressure.

4.   Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves belong to the rotational motion quarter turn valves and they are used mostly to regulate, stop and to start the flow. The word butterfly in the butterfly valve is defined as a disk that is connected to the rod.

A butterfly valve usually comes equipped with an actuator, used to isolate, and modulate a variety of media with low-pressure loss. They can be used in large pipes and can fit almost anywhere because of their thickness. They have little maintenance with high reliability.

5.   Gate valves

Gate valves are mostly used in piping and pipeline application. The type of disc is a flat sheet of metal that is raised and lowered to allow or shut off the flow of fluid. Supported on the sides by seating and joined to a stem at the top. The gate valves are the most usable valves for water supply systems.

It is one of the linear motion and isolation valves and those have the ability to allow and stop the flow. These kinds of valves are not used to regulate the flow and they are used to open it whole or completely close it. The partial opening of the valve will cause harm and the name gate valves have come from the closure part. These parts slide into the fluid flow and it produces the shutting off and acting as a gate.

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As a high-tech enterprise in China, we can provide complete valve sample drawings, technical support for valve production process, technical support such as maintenance manuals, and strength calculation books. Frequently Asked Questions about Valve Operation.

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Xinhui Valve has invested a lot of manpower and funds in the innovative research and development of valves, and opened laboratories, inspection rooms, and R&D rooms. 20 kinds of new products are developed every year. Customized industry-specific valves for customers, dozens of products under severe valve conditions.

International Standard

The valves we produce meet various international testing indicators, and all kinds of valves are manufactured and accepted according to relevant domestic standards such as GB and JB, as well as international standards such as ANSI, API, JIS, and BS. DIN. Please contact us for special production standards.​

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OEM & ODM XinHui valve Applications

D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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D341H国标法兰式蝶阀Butterfly valve


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