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Strict Quality Control

According to international and domestic industry standards and customer needs, Xinhui has established internal quality assurance standards, implementing complete and meticulous management of every stage of its processes. Our goal is to achieve 100% on-time delivery without emergency

Industrial valve solutions

We provide a wide and innovative range of industrial valve solutions to meet the needs of different industries. From raw material procurement, valve design, manufacturing process,finished product inspection, testing, monitoring and after-sales service: all customers will be able to find what they want in our company, none excluded.

Business qualification

Our company has complete and authentic qualification certificates, including valve business license, tax registration certificate, special equipment manufacturing license, ISO900 certification, 3C certification, EU certification and many other product manufacturing licenses.

Why choose us

Everyone makes a choice, and we firmly believe that our customers will not regret choosing us!

Valve solutions

Valve solutions

We are a valve solution supplier from China. We produce and customize valves for hundreds of customers and dozens of industries around the world. According to different needs, you can choose valve type, temperature, medium, pressure, please check more for details

valve manufacturing process

valve manufacturing process

We are a valve factory, and we have many orders from distributors, so we can take on different quantities of valves, because we production process has always been automated and standardized. Can meet different customer needs! Come to us for all orders, big or small! Please see more for details

Valve Standards​

Valve standards

All kinds of valves provided by our company are designed, manufactured and inspected according to relevant domestic standards such as GB, JB, SH, HG, CJ and other foreign standards such as ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN, etc. For details, please check more

Valve Customized By Working Condition​

Valve Customized by working condition

The company's products have been successfully used in various working conditions, and different series of products have been formed according to the pressure, temperature, physical and chemical properties of different media and other requirements. For details, please see more

Valves involved industries

Valves involved industries

Valves have been widely used in various industries, thousands of valve types, xinhui has always insisted on designing the best valve for different industries every year! For details, please see more

Valve Inspection: Analysis & Testing​

Valve inspection: Analysis & Testing

For our products, we strictly abide by the production process and standards. Every product has undergone multiple tests before it can be delivered to customers with 100% high quality! For details, please see more


Why choose our valves?

Why buy Xinhui valve?

The reason to buy a Xinhui valve for your application is simple: quality. We don’t just talk; we do what we say and apply higher standards to every action.
Xinhui valves are superior to any other valve on the market: long life, bubble tightness, smooth fluid flow, and quality you can trust.

Production in the headquarters

  • Most of all our parts are made in our factory, which makes it easier to control the quality of the solenoid valve.
  • All processes are vertically integrated and streamlined according to the principle of continuous improvement. For example, coils and stampings are done in-house;
  • Made in the China with Lean Manufacturing and Kanban Management;
  • The development and manufacture of the solenoid valve seals are done in-house without degradation.

Conservative rating

  • We offer a high quality valve with a longer life.
  • Valve working pressure ratings and PSI specifications are conservatively rated.
  • Our coils are underrated, once again giving you great value for money.

Passivation process

  • Xinhui implements a better passivation method. This patented method uses a special ferromagnetic steel that is immersed or passivated to erode exposed, so there is no rust on the inside or the outside.
  • This process ensures a rust-free environment inside and outside the valve. No particles interfere with flow or sealing, so air bubble tightness and smooth flow are guaranteed.
  • Our orifices are precision machined, resulting in a smooth fluid flow and air bubble tight seal within the valve.

Hazardous area

  • Our valves are unique in their expertise in hazardous areas of related industries, including high pressure, low pressure, high flow, and low flow applications.
  • We are the industry leader in hazardous area applications.


  • We are a second generation family business.
  • Be proud of our artisan spirit while maintaining stability and continuous development.
  • Lean principles make it easier to do business together and make companies more flexible.

Xinhui’s advantages

  • Doing business with us is easy
  • you can get the answer quickly
  • We have someone to answer the phone
  • You can call your account manager or engineer directly
  • Our short lead times
  • Emails will be answered promptly
  • We communicate faster than our competitors

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I am very happy to be invited to share our long-term cooperation experience for the xinhui website! Japan is very strict on the production standards of valves, but Xinhui has never let me down in our cooperation for so many years, so I recommend you to start your valve business with them too!
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Hello everyone, I'm Tony, I'm very happy to share the story between us and Xinhui Valve, the CEO of Xinhui company must ask me to shoot this video, I refused at first, but their work is done so well , I think I can't help but tell everyone that my cooperation with Xinhui is really good, so I recommend them! After working with them I believe you are too!

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