Other valves

Other valves

There are many more valves produced by Xinhui Valve. If you want to know about Other valves, please tell our customer service what kind of valve you need.

Precautions when buying XinHui valves

Other valves

1. First, visually inspect the surface of the valve to see if the surface of the valve is evenly glossy, and also pay attention to whether there are cracks, peeling and obvious spots, etc. The surface of the valve with good quality should have no blisters, and the surface of the coating should be fine and smooth. Some of the above-mentioned defects appear, which will directly affect its service life.

2. Anyone who has seen the valve knows that its pipe thread is directly connected to the pipe. When purchasing, it is necessary to observe whether the pipe thread has obvious defects and the effective length of the pipe thread, which will affect the reliable length of the seal. , all of which need to be carefully observed with our eyes.

3. There are many materials for the valve. Don’t be greedy for small and cheap ones. Some of them are relatively cheap, and they will be easily broken due to corrosion. After a long time of use, they will rot in the pipeline, which will cause great difficulties in maintenance. Furthermore, it is very important to choose the right valve. There are many varieties and specifications of the valve, and choosing the wrong one will have a great impact.

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I believe you will not regret your choice​

Why choose XinHui valve?​

Customized on demand​

We very much welcome customers to bring your requirements in the industry, our industrial valve solutions include customized on demand! Use the best materials to produce standard compliant valves, If you need valve customization services, please contact us immediately

Valve quality​

Xinhui valve strictly controls the quality of the products in each process; on the other hand, it improves the work quality of the employees; and constantly pursues the high performance and high quality of the products, and is committed to becoming the preferred brand of valve products for the majority of users. . ​

Professional Services

Our salesman will answer your professional industry questions, product questions, transportation questions, etc. Our service personnel are online 7*12 hours. If you encounter time difference problems, please wait patiently for our reply, and we will reply you as soon as possible The problem.​

High and new technology​

As a high-tech enterprise in China, we can provide complete valve sample drawings, technical support for valve production process, technical support such as maintenance manuals, and strength calculation books. Frequently Asked Questions about Valve Operation.

R&D innovation​

Xinhui Valve has invested a lot of manpower and funds in the innovative research and development of valves, and opened laboratories, inspection rooms, and R&D rooms. 20 kinds of new products are developed every year. Customized industry-specific valves for customers, dozens of products under severe valve conditions.

International Standard

The valves we produce meet various international testing indicators, and all kinds of valves are manufactured and accepted according to relevant domestic standards such as GB and JB, as well as international standards such as ANSI, API, JIS, and BS. DIN. Please contact us for special production standards.

We are not only a manufacturer of valves, but also a disseminator of industry knowledge


OEM & ODM XinHui valve Applications

API 602 Soft Sealing Float Ball Valve manufacturer

DJ41Y low temperature globe valve - recommended for natural gas industry

DJ41Y cryogenic globe valve is suitable for the management system of cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment.


D341F Fluorine Lined Flanged Butterfly Valve - Recommended for Chemical Industry

Flange lined fluorine butterfly valve is lined with fluorine plastic on the seat and sealing surface of the butterfly valve, which has the advantages of zero leakage, long life, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

H61Y 420高温高压全锻造止回阀

H61Y-420 High temperature and high pressure full forging check valve-recommended for petroleum industry

The valve body and valve cover adopts self-tightening sealing design, the higher the pressure, the better the sealing performance; the fully forged opening and closing parts have reliable performance, stable pressure bearing and no leakage; the application of new materials such as C12A and F91 improves the high temperature performance of the product and reliability;

Types of control valves

KPM5000 Intelligent Electric Control Valve - Recommended for Metallurgical Industry​

Adopt pressure balance structure valve core, high strength, heavy load, S streamlined channel, small pressure drop loss, large flow coefficient, wide adjustable range, and high flow characteristic accuracy. The regulating valve is suitable for heavy load, ordinary or harsh working conditions

Z961Y 250I P91锻件电站闸阀

Z961Y-250I-P91 forging power station gate valve-recommended power station industry

The valve has the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, tight connection, favorable for fire prevention, explosion-proof and high pressure resistance, and good sealing performance. Good sealing and long service life

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