Nominal pressure vs. working pressure

Working pressure

The working pressure is the amount of force applied to the internal walls. It is applied by the internal walls of the pressure vessel. That is under the normal operating conditions. Having the good pressure at its working pressure means that it is experiencing the pressure force that was designed to run at.

The working method can be seen by the variety of methods:

·         An engineering team that performs many types of computer analysis

·         It performs destructive testing

·         Using a calculator that is given by the industry standards. The American petroleum institute is a well-known organization. It helps in defining what the working pressure of the pressure vessel should be.

Nominal pressure

Nominal pressure shows the symbol PN and it allows maximum operating pressure at the given temperature. For the carbon steel valve body the working pressure for the app that is allowed is below 200. PN is also known as pressure nominal and it is used as a prefix to the flange’s pressure rates.  The nominal pressure of the valve actually refers to the design and the work pressure of the valve and this pressure level is classified according to the standards.

Nominal pressure vs. working pressure

1.   Nominal pressure is the pressure bearing strength of the product. It is at the reference temperature that is expressed in PN whose unit is MPa. The working pressure of the globe valve is the actual pressure of the user. It is within the application environment and it should be less than nominal pressure of the globe valve.

2.   Nominal pressure different materials have many reference temperatures such as the reference temperature of the steel that is 250 degrees Celsius. In working pressure the max temperature is 300 degrees Celsius. The working pressure is 10 MPa and it is recorded as P 30 10 Mpa.

3.   Nominal pressure is recorded as 1.0 MPa as PN 1.0 MPa. The working pressure is 10 MPa and it is recorded as P 30 10 Mpa.

Understanding Valve nominal and working pressure

Valve nominal pressure means the symbol PN. It is the maximum allowable working pressure when it is applied at a certain pressure. For control type valves they are mixed with the carbon body. It refers to the maximum working pressure that is allowed for applications below 120 degrees Celsius.  For the cast iron valve body it is referred to with the max working pressure. The nominal pressure of the control valves is determined not only on the max working pressure but also with the max working temperature and materials. These nominal pressure are not only to satisfy nominal pressure but also to the working pressure


Working pressure is referred to the maximum pressure that is specified by the max operating temperature. It is with the pipeline at each level for the safe operations of the pipeline system. Working pressure is expressed with the Pt. The nominal pressure is the compressive strength of the product at the reference temperature. It is expressed in the PN unit as MPa. It is referred to as the design pressure that is given by the mechanical strength of piping components.


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