Gate valve types

What are Gate valves?

A gate valve is a linear motion that has a rectangular and circular disc that slides across the opening to stop the flow. It acts as the gate and it is generally used for isolation purposes that is fully closed and open. These gate valves are not much used for throttling service because it contains the high velocity flow. It causes a partial open disk to chatter and to vibrate the disc erosion and seating surface.

A gate valve is also known as a sluice valve that opens the lifting barriers out of the fluid path, gate valves need very little space along with the pipe and it hardly stops the fluid flow when the gate is opened.

Types of gate valves

Gate valves are divided into many classes depending on the type of stem and on discs. The types of gate valves are as follows:

1.   Parallel disk gate valve

Parallel disk gate valves contain 2 disks that are forced apart and against the parallel seats by the springs at the closing points. The most famous type of the parallel disk valve is the knife gate valve and it contains the flat gate between 2 parallel seats. The Parallel disk gate valve application is limited to low pressure drops and other low pressures.

2.   Solid wedge gate valve

Solid wedge gate valve is the most widely used and the lowest cost used type of valve in the valve industry. It is used in the process for gas, oil and air services. The main reason for the wedge shape valve is to introduce the high supplementary seating loads. Solid wedge gate valves can be installed in all kinds of positions that are suitable for practical and fluid flow services.

3.   Flexible wedge gate valve

Flexible wedge gate valves have a flexible wedge design that is a one piece disk with a cut around the perimeters. The cut varies in shape, size and in depth. Thermal contraction and expansion have no problem in these kinds of gate valves because the disk is able to compensate and it is very easy to open. Flexible wedge gate valves are mostly used in steam systems to save them from thermal blinding.

4.   Split wedge gate valve

Split wedge gate valves are made up of 2 separate half gate valves. These allow the wedge angles to sit between their outer faces to fit the seats that are self-aligning and self-adjusting.

5.   Double disc valves

In Double disc valves the gate is in the form of 2 disks which are forced against parallel seats by the spring. This kind of valve provides tight sealing without even relying on pressure. It helps in making this type of valve suitable for stem duties as well as for light oils and handling gasses.

6.   Bellows seal gate valve

Bellows seal gate valves are designed to minimize the exposure from harmful things through valve stem leakage. The bellows is the metallic device that is capable of sealing between the valve stem and between the bonnets to save escape. The bellows take the risk of convolutions that move linearly.


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