Ball valve manufacturers

Ball valve manufacturers

A valve is a device that helps in regulating and directing the flow of liquid by opening, closing and obstructing more than one passageway. Ball valves are a type of the quarter turn valves that helps in controlling flow. They serve as the more important alternative to similar valves such as gate valves and butterfly valves.

Leading manufacturer of ball valves

If you want to see the good ball valve manufacturers then you are at the right place. This article will help you identify the leading ball valve manufacturers so that you can choose the right and best one for your application.

1.   Xinhui Valve Co. Ltd. 

Since 2009, Xinhui Valve Co. Ltd. has been committed to providing expertly manufactured and reliable industrial valves worldwide. And after years of keeping our focus on innovation, management, and exceptional customer service, we have become one of the leading enterprises with the largest market share in the energy and valve industry. From valves improving the processes of the nuclear power plants, thermal power plantspetroleumpetrochemical, and coal chemical industries, we have manufactured a wide range of products that improved operations and offered solutions to countless businesses. We specialize in manufacturing high temperature and high pressure valves along with providing our customers with other quality liquid control related products and services.

2.   Burkert fluid control system

The ball valves that this manufacturer provides with stand the time test and they provide a long lasting value. We have our franchise in more than 35 countries all over the world and this company helps in being whatever we need to be. This manufacturer has the capability and knowledge to work with people in order to have the perfect product that suits their needs.

3.   International polymer solutions

We are here to make the best ball valves in the entire industry. All of the products are guaranteed for more than 46 years and we are trying to maintain it. We devote extra services to our customers and provide first class solutions for top customers. We try to bring the best for our customers when it comes to high quality products.

4.   Lokring technology

Lokring technology has set up higher standards and high quality products and amazing services. This technology offers high quality products that include stainless steel, ball valves, 3 way ball valves and much more.

5.   JMF Company

If you are looking for quality ball valves then JMF co is providing their customers with good quality products for more than 50 years. This company involves plastic ball valves, full port ball valves and standard port ball valves.

6.   Maxitrol Company

Maxitrol manufactures many types of ball valves for water, oil, gas and other steam applications. This company ball valves are made up of forged brass and they are corrosion resistant. They are plated with hard chrome and this company is always available to serve their customers.

7.   A-T controls

A-T controls ball valve manufacturers and they specialize in both manual and automatic valves. They produce 3 way ball valves and they have both flanged and threaded sanitary and actuated valves. They help in serving industries such as HVAC, refining and transportation with high quality products.

8.   Bee valve Inc

All of our company ball valves are manufactured by our talented staff and they are capable and design orders to meet specific applications. The products of this company are made from high quality materials and they result in customer’s satisfaction. Bee valves are the good supplier of ball valves and they promise to manufacture all the valves at the first time.

9.   Chem flowtronics

Chem flowtronics manufactures ball valves and they do such things in Teflon and borosilicate with zero leakage, low torque, corrosion resistance, easy packaging in trouble free, long and good life.


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