The material for high temperature industrial valve

High temperature industrial valve

Working temperature is the key factor and it should be taken into consideration for valve manufacture, inspection and design. The operating temperature is seen as the high temperature but it is difficult to distinguish the number. High temperatures include the high temperature gate valve, high temperature butterfly valve, high temperature needle valve, throttle valve and reducing valves.

Uses of high temperature valves

High temperature valves are used in chemical fertilizers, petrochemical, metallurgy industries and electric power. According to the ASME B16.34 the valve body materials and their interior parts are different in temperature ranges. In order to check the valves in accordance with its high temperature working condition it is very necessary to distinguish and design the high valve temperature level.

Selecting material for high temperature industrial valve

High temperature conditions include high temperature, high temperature level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 and level 5. They are all introduced below:

1.   Sub high temperature

Sub high temperature refers to the valve working temperature. These are used in vacuum units, atmospheric units and in detailed unit refineries. CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3m types of valves are not used to resist the acid solutions. It is used for Sulphur containing oil and gas pipelines products. In these working conditions the max operating temperature is 450 degrees Celsius.

2.   Material for high temperature class 1

The valve working temperature is 425 to 550 degrees Celsius. It is called high temperature level 1. The main PI valve material is high temperature. It is based on CF8 in asthma 351 standards. PI grade is the specific name and the concept of high temperature stainless steel. If the working medium is steam or water then the high temperature steel is also used. They are also used in sulfur oil etc.

3.   Material for high temperature class 2

The working temperature of the valve is 550 – 650 degrees Celsius and it is determined as a high temperature. It is used for heavy cracking units in the refinery and it also has the lining wear resistance gate valves. It is used in three rotating nozzles and in other parts.

4.   Material for high temperature class 3

The working pressure of the valve is 650 – 730 degrees Celsius. This type of temperature is used in very large heavy cracking units in refineries. It is for high temperature medium carbon chromium nickel and other titanium heat resistant steel.

5.   Material for high temperature class 4

The upper limit of this temperature is set to 816 degrees Celsius. When the working temperature is exceeded the steel is close to entering the forging temperature area. The metal after heating is in the deformation range of plastic. The metal has good plasticity and it is difficult to bear high working force and pressure without deformations.

6.   Material for high temperature class 4

The working temperature of this is more than 816 degrees Celsius. According to the working pressure and medium and special design method and reasonable materials. It helps in meeting the requirements of the selected valves for temperature valves.


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