Valve standards

Valves are used in many kinds of applications through the commercial, residential and industrial industries. Due to its high use there are many regulatory organizations and it provides standards. It provides standards to ensure proper compatibility, functionality and safety for users. Engineers today design a valve for using the valve in the system or product. It is designed for the specific industrial application and it reviews the standard documents. Some of the industry specific valve standards are:

1.       API valve standard

2.       ASHRAE valve standard

3.       ASME BPVC valve standard

4.       ASSE valve standards

5.       AWWA valve standards

6.       ISA valve standards

7.       NFPA valve standards

8.       SAE valve standards

GB standard

GB standard is the abbreviation of Guojia Biaozhum. It actually means the national standard. GB standards are the Chinese national standards and it is issued by SAC standardization administration of China. It is one of the IEC and ISO, which is the Chinese national committee. This standard is used for all kinds of products and many of them have derived from ISO standards.

GB standard valve

GB standard valves are used for high performance control valves. It is designed to provide the best possible controlling accuracy and range ability with all the benefits of control valves. There are many types of GB standard valve which are being used today. They are as follows:

1.   GB standard flanged gate valve

The flange valves are manufactured by Liang gong valve co limited. This is mostly used in the petroleum chemical industry, thermal power plant, water pipelines as the closing and opening devices. It is used for cutting off and connecting the medium in the pipeline.

2.   GB standard globe valve

GB standard globe valves are produced by Liang gong valve co limited. Its closing and opening parts are cylindrical valves and the sealing surface is flat and conical. The valve flap moves along the centerline of the fluid. These valves are suitable for full closing and for full opening. It is not used to adjust the flow rate. It is adjusted and throttled when it is customized.

3.   GB standard butterfly valve

GB standard butterfly valves are three eccentric and multi-level hard butterfly valves. It is used in metallurgy, petroleum, electric power, gas, air, combustion gasses and pipes. It is used for corrosion media such as drainage and water supply.

4.   GB standard check valve

The GB standard check valve has the working pressure of around 1.6 to 25 MPa working temperature. It is used for petroleum, pharmaceutical, fertilizers, power industry and for other conditions in the pipeline. The medium that is applicable is steam, oil, water, acidic acid and more.

5.   GB standard ball valve

The GB standard ball valve is used a lot in many fields. It is of super quality and high performance stability. It is not achieved by ordinary ball valves. The service life of German standard ball valves is much longer than simple ball valves. They are used in urban gas, heating, petro chemical, steel, pressure, power plants and other equipment.


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