German standard valves

What is the German standard?

In German, the German standard is actually called hochdeutsch. It reflects the fact that its phonetics are of those of the High German spoken in the different parts of areas. German is spoken through the large areas in central Europe. It is the Germany’s national language of Switzerland and Austria. From this homeland it is carried by emigration to many parts of the world.

German standards valves

German standard valve has many types of valves such as:

1.   German standard cylinder valves

It offers the full range of cylinder gas and it connects to the German standards conforming to DIN 477. The range of these valves are available in nickel, Brass and stainless steel. Much information is on the gas and the range reference chart. FTI also specializes in the gas regulator and high pressure supplies with the cylinder and gas connectors.

2.   German standard check valves

These kinds of valves are used in oil, raw chemicals and steam conveying the pipelines. It helps in preventing the object from flowing back in oil refinery, thermal power plant and in chemical works. It has many features such as the cavity design is very reasonable and the flow is very low. The surface is sealed and it is made of stainless steel. It has a very long service life. The internal swing structure is very reasonable and reliable. The service life of check valves is very long.

3.   German standard globe valves

The German standard globe valves are most widely used valves. The globe valve structure is longer than the gate valves. The fluid resistance is very large. When the machine is operated for a long time the sealing reliability is not at all strong. The German standard direction of the globe valve is always from top to bottom. This valve is directional when it is strong. These are very durable. It is not only suitable for low medium and low pressure. It is very useful for high pressure valves.

4.   German standard gate valves

German standard gate valves control the fluid in the pipeline. Gate valves are suitable for gas, liquid, water equipment and pipelines. The valve contains the small toque and small fluid stuffs that is required for closing and opening the flow direction. It is good manufacturing technology and it contains a simple body. These are mostly used in water supply and drainage, food medicine and drainage engineering, fire control, construction and other fields. It adopts the graphite packing flexibility, light operation and reliable sealing.

5.   German standard butterfly valves

German standard Butterfly valves belong to the rotational motion quarter turn valves and they are used mostly to regulate, stop and to start the flow. The word butterfly in the butterfly valve is defined as a disk that is connected to the rod. When this rod is rotated the disc rotates itself at 90 degrees and the butterfly valve closes and opens. German standard Butterfly valves are very popular in the industry because of their fast operation, lightweight and its low cost. These valves use automatic gears, handles, and other actuators for operation as per the requirements.


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