China has created GB standard

To ensure the product quality, performance and safety, China has created the GB national standards. It has covered many consumer products as well. These standards were met before the products were sold in China. Understanding the requirements and the reach covered by GB standards Chinese is critical. It helps in contemplating China’s expansion. Without designing the product range in Chinese national standards it is likely that the product range is eligible for China’s retailing.

GB standard are Chinese national standards

GB standards are Chinese national standards that make sure that the product complies with safety, usage and more. These don’t exist for physical products but they also exist for services. 85% of the standards are voluntary and only 15% are mandatory. Most GB standards have western ISO standards. Users’ needs to test your products and they are able to apply ICC marks. All kinds of designated test labs also use the GB standards. It determines whether the products are compliant to be used in the Chinese market.

GB standards china

For some products many of them are edible and they are used by humans. They have safety impacts stricter than GB standards. Not only are the used standards for the product quality. It is use for usage, labeling, storage and more. If anyone wants to export wine to China, there are specific GB standards explaining how bottles are labeled. Information that is required on the label, it is according to the GB labeling standard.

China GB standards class system

There are 4 classes of china standards systems which refers to as GB standard china

1.       China national standards

2.       China industry standards

3.       China local standards

4.       China enterprise standards

These classes are hierarchical and low class standards are very much compliant. They are with upper class standards and the highest class standards. All other classes’ standards need to obey GB standard china.

GB standard china main organization

The GB standard system in China is administered by the general administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine (AQSIQ). They are headed by the standardization of the People’s Republic of China. Before you are able to sell your Chinese products, you sometimes have to test products in a lab that is located in China. It works such as the Products that need Chinese certification they must be then tested in designated Chinese labs

Other private and government sector organizations have provided users with a good amount of input. They also make them participate in standard organization.

·         General administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine (AQSIQ).

·         Standardization administration of people republic of china (SAC)

·         China association of standardization (CAS)

·         China national institute of standardization (CNIS)

·         Standard press of china (SPC)


GB standard is the abbreviation of Guojia Biaozhum. It actually means the national standard. GB standards are the Chinese national standards and it is issued by SAC standardization administration of China. It is one of the IEC and ISO, which is the Chinese national committee. The (GB) national standards are designed, manufactured and tested according to the country’s standards.


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