Functions of control valves

Control valves

The control valve is a power operated device that is used to manipulate and regulate the fluids flow such as water, oil, steam and gas. A control valve receives the information from other sensors and all the transmitters in the control loop. It processes the data to manage the control of the fluid parameters.

The function of the control valve is to provide the control in response to signals from a control system. It uses positioner and actuators and they are considered as the final control element in automated control loop.

Control valve functions and applications

Control valves regulate the pressure of fluid. They are designed to fit the hydraulic systems and for complex pneumatic systems. The control valve responds to the signals that are generated by devices such as flow meters and temperature gauges. The valves have simpler tools with a complex set of hydraulic valves and to adjust it with different things in temperature and pressure.

To reduce the flow rate in the specific area of circuit, the control valve fittings are used. This helps in reducing the speed of the actuator while the needles control the flow in 2 kinds of directions. The control valve is used to direct the system in one direction only while allowing the flow of liquid and gas in the opposite directions.

Functions of control valve

Below are the functions of the control valve:

1.   Clog

The control valve does not stop the fluid flow. The perfect valve design does not allow the deposits, dust and other small articles to clog the fluid flow.

2.   Helps in save water and money

Control valves help in saving money and water in faucets and help lots in conservation. It helps in saving money on spending a lot on water bills but they also have low demand in water supply.

3.   Reduce working pressure

It allows the operator to depressurize the solution hose very quickly. After releasing the back pressure, turn it off and open the control valves.

4.   Stem guiding

The simple design allows users to support and control the plug. The limitations are only due to the stem strength as the support is away from the cap. This valve is much cheaper to manufacture and maintain.

5.   Post guiding

The next function is when there is a risk of fouling the post is the stem part and it is plugged. It extends the valve body and it is smaller in diameters but importantly then the stem.

Final words

The control valve is very important for the system performance that lays on the flow passage with a flow area. It is used to regulate the speed of the components and it helps in controlling cylinders and motor flow rate.

Control valves are the most important but sometimes the most neglected part of the control loop. The control valve manipulates the fluid flow such as steam, gas, chemical compounds and water to compensate for the disturbance and to keep the process in regulation. Control valves not only saves money by neglecting unnecessary cost but it also helps in minimizing the process as well as for the product variability.


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