Gate valve functions

What is a gate valve?

The flow of media is controlled by the gate valves that close and open the gate. The unobstructed and straight forward path of the gate is its amazing features. It results in the minimal loss across the valve.

Gate valves are very less expensive than ball valves in quality and size. They work much slower than quarter turn valves and they are used in applications where valves are used very less. Gate valves are not used to adjust flow instead they utilize completely too fully close and open. Gate valves with an electric actuator are available through manual gate valves. They are very cost effective due to their use occasionally.

Uses of gate valves

Gate valves are one of the most used valves in processing pipes. They are one of the widely used valves in the petrochemical refineries, facilities and gas processing plants. The pressure they have is moderate and the temperature is very high. These valves are used to handle the wide range of liquids that includes water, oil, gas, air and steam.

Gate valves are available in 2 configurations that are fully closed and fully opened. They are used as isolating valves in pipelines and they are not used for flow regulation and control.

Functioning principle of gate valves

The seta, body, stem, bonnet and actuator are the important parts of gate valves. The primary usage and mechanism operations of these valves are very straightforward. Common gate valves function by the stem thread that connects the actuator. For example a motor or hand wheel to the gate. The stem is rotated by turning the actuator that moves the gate up and down by the thread.

To open and close the valve it functions on more than 360 degrees rotation. The valve opens up by lifting the gate out of the flow. As the gate is lowered to the closure position the bore is then sealed and the valve is fully closed.

The relation between the vertical part of the gate valve and the flow rate is nonlinear. The greatest variation happens near shutdown. When the flow is controlled the high velocity of the flow opens the gate cause and seat wear. They also function as the possible gate vibration while reducing the valve’s life.

Gate valve functions

Gate valve functions are mostly designed for on services. They are used best in systems which require less use of the valve. The valves are actually designed for full flow to minimize the pressure and it allows the passage of cleaning of pipe. As most of the changes occur near the shut off the high velocity causes seat, disk and other leakage if the valve regulates the flow.

Gate valves applications

Gate valves are used in many industrial apps that include the gas, oil, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and marine industry. Non rising gate valves are popular in ships, underground applications and vertical space is limited. Gate valves are used in demanding environments such as high pressure environments and high temperature. They are found mostly in water treatments, power plants, mining and other applications.


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