Valve drive method

What is Valve Drive?

Valve drive regulates the operation of motors of the valve. It helps in controlling the flow process, CNC machinery, and robotics and automates manufacturing applications. VMD controllers are highly programmable and they have high performance as well. They receive input from sensors and they adjust the valve actuators in response to the input. Input options include the ORP, pH, level, temperature and more.

Valve drive method

There are many basic types of drive valves such as manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.

1.   Manual drive valve method

Manual drives do not need any outside power source. They use a level and hand wheel to drive the gears which result in high output compared to the input.

2.   Electric drive valve method

Electric valve actuator uses a three phase or single phase direct and alternate current. It helps in driving a combination of gears to generate the desired torque level.

3.   Pneumatic drive valve method

Pneumatic drive methods adjust the position by converting sir pressure into linear and rotary motion.

4.   Electro hydraulic drive valve method

Electro hydraulic drive valve methods convert the fluid pressure and supply into linear and rotary motion.

Valve drive mode

According to the driving valve mode mechanisms, the valve driving device is broken into two parts: angle stroke and straight stroke. On the other hand the driving valve structure is divided into following parts:

1.   Diaphragm type

2.   Vane type

3.   Cylinder type

·         Piston rack type

·         Rod type

·         Screw type

·         Fork type

·         Cylinder type

4.   Film combination

5.   Air engine type

Valve drive controlling and function method

Valve operation and motion style are very important to consider when going through the valve drive method.

Valve drive controlling method

The valve drive controlling methods includes 2 types:

1.   Rotary motion valves

The rotary motion valves include ball, plug, and butterfly valves. It rotates the quarter turn or more from close to open.

2.   Linear motion valves

Linear valves include globe, gate, pinch, diaphragm and angle style valves. It have a sliding stem design that pushes the closure element open or closed. The valve stem may rise during rotation or may rise without rotation.

Valve drive function method

There are 2 basic operating styles for valve actuators:

1.   Stop and start valves are also known as on and off of isolating devices and limit actuators. It helps in opening and closing of the position.

2.   Throttling and control device provides the controllable motions so that the valves are throttled. They are throttled as it is necessary. This type of drive item is paired with the positioner so that the actuator can move to its desired position.


The driving valve is very easy to install and it has ultra-miniaturization. It is very convenient to maintain and it is not affected by any ambient temperature. Very easy to control and it can use DC and AC very freely. It is very suitable for memory, logical judgment, amplification and calculation and contains a wide range of output torque.


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