What valve media are there?

Valves media

Valves play a very important role in the functional chain of a painting facility. These components are characterized by the perfect finish and highest precision. These media valves are used to regulate the abrasive flow from the blast pot on the machines. Just like choosing the right blast is important in the same way choosing the right type of media valve for your machine is important.

Identifying the media valves

Below are the many media valve options of the user’s valve machines. Note that not all valve machines need the same kind of media valve. Every machine demands different kinds of valves.

1.   Auto quantum valve

The auto quantum valve is used for holding the pressure system and releasing the system. It is adjustable easily and operated. It maintains the limited settings from a fully open and fully closed system. It is used with the slag abrasives and with expendable minerals.

2.   Manual quantum valve

Manual quantum valve is very easily adjustable and manually operated. It is used with all common abrasives that include slags, minerals and metallic. It is designed with easy measuring for both contractor and blast machines.

3.   Lightweight media valve

Lightweight media valve is for lightweight media such as fresh mesh silicate, baking soda, glass bead and agriculture media. It is a manually operated valve. It is used with different kinds of blast machines.

4.   Sentinel metering valve

The sentinel metering valve has 3 different kinds such as with ACS, with no ACS and with fine grit. ACS sentinel is operated with an auto cut off switch. It is compatible with all common blasts with less than 50 mesh. With no ACS it is very well suited for all common blast media. The sentinel metering valve does not have ACS and it is useful with fine media. Like other media valves it is used on blast machines and it fully opens the plunger.

5.   Manual sand valve

The manual sand valve is the abrasive media valve for use in the blast machines. It is very well suited for slag abrasives and for expandable minerals. It is not at all recommended for use with glass beads and with fine mesh media.

6.   Lo Pot valve

The Lo pot valve is operated manually with low profile media valves. It is designed for use on Lo Pot blast machines. The manual Lo Pot valve is used with slag abrasives and with expandable minerals.

 Manufacturing process of media valve

The manufacturing process of media valves is very complex and it also contains many variables. The raw materials that are used in the manufacturing are very critical to the final product. The tools that are used for processing are geometry, angle and shape of the valve.

To understand the manufacturing process of valves we should know different steps that are involved. This process consists of many dissolving metals, shaping materials, cleaning up and casting. The final product is processed and it is tested for quality as well as for pressure and temperature.


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