Valve casting manufacturers

Valve castings

Casting has a long history and it was made from hand clay, natural materials and sands. The output of casting is very small. But with the new technologies of industrial revolution the increase in casting demands has also been increased.

Valve casting manufacturers

Valves make the plumbing systems functional and they call for high quality precision. Finding a decent valve casting manufacturer is very critical to ensure the top of the line casting services. Different casts are needed in many different industrial domains such as pipelines, transportations and by other production activities.

Choosing the right valve casting is not an easy process and some research goes very long. Manufacturers markets have many components such as cast valve flanges, cast valve disc and cast valve bonnets etc. some of the valve casting manufacturers are listed below:

1.  Ashland machine work and foundry

It is one of the custom manufacturers of loose pattern, floor mold, no bake, drag and cope and sand castings. These are all made from carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel, Monel and other metals. It also gives the additional services such as engineering, welding, vacuum testing, paintings and many more. It also helps in serving the construction, automation, mining, power generations, pump, wastewater and other industries. Also helps in manufacturing valve standards such as ASME, ANSI, AWS and many more.

2.  G and W Foundry Corporation

Custom manufacturer of loose patterns, investment, die, lost wax, lost foam, squeeze, squeezer and sand castings. Made from carbon steel, chromium steel, low alloy steels and duplex stainless steel. Here castings are plated, heat treated and corrosion and abrasion resistance. High volume production and prototype is available. It serves the construction, mining, transportations and other valve industries. It also meets the ASTM, ASME, ANSI and other valve standards.

3.  Littlestown foundry Inc

It is ISO 9001: 2015 certified Valve casting Manufacturers Company.  The casting types included here are cope, drag and automatic molding. Other services also provided by Valve casting manufacturers are inspection, finishing, testing, assembly and other. It serves the aerospace, automotive, transportation, electronics, medical, military, and transportation, electronic, pharmaceutical and other industries.

4.  Ferroalloy Inc

These are the custom manufacturers of vacuum invested, lost wax, sand, heat resistant and other castings. It is made from stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, nickel, aluminum and super alloy. It gives support to the services such as testing, engineering, furnace, logistic management, ceramic coating, kanban, inventory, and scrap recycling and many more. This valve casting manufacturer meets ASME, API, AWS, ASTM standards. This manufacturing company is suitable for trays, fans, baskets, rollers, grids, boxes, pusher heads, nozzles and hangers.

5.  Post precision castings

This Valve casting manufacturer is for valves and pumps castings. The materials that are used include carbon steel, alloy steel, super alloys, stainless steel, iron and bronze. This industry features includes corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance. The capabilities included by these Valve casting manufacturers is grinding, heat treating, testing, passivation, welding, prototyping and other contract manufacturing. It helps in meeting the ASTM, ANSI and AWS standards.


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