Types of check valves

Types of check valves

Check valves

Check valves are found in mostly every industrial application acting as non-return and one way valves. These check valves are simple devices that help in performing the functions by stopping the reverse flow. It also helps in preventing damage and making sure they perform efficient operations. Different types of check valves are actually designed for specific applications. To choose the correct valve for yourself below are the few common types of check valves and their applications.

Different type of check valves

1.   Lift check valve

Lift check valves feature the disk and do seating arrangement as global valves. The disc is placed in the form of a ball and piston. There are 3 body patterns such as angle, vertical and horizontal that can be installed in vertical and horizontal lines with other flows.

2.   Ball check valve

The ball check valves operate itself by simply using the gravity. When there is enough flow pressure the ball is lifted upwards and the pressure is decreased. The ball rolls down and it closes the opening. These valves come in a wide range of style types and materials.

3.   Piston check valves

This type of piston check valve is also called plug check valves. It also operates by controlling the fluid flow in the piping system. It utilizes the linear motion of the piston through the valve chamber.

4.   Swing check valve

Swing check valves utilize the disc inside the valve and it allows it to stop the flow of the piping system. As the fluid flows through the correct direction the pressure itself forces the disc to stay open. As soon as the pressure decreases the valve disc closes and stops the fluid from reversing.

5.   Butterfly check valve

A butterfly check valve is also called a dual plate check valve, double disk, folding disk and other split disc check valve. Two half of the disk moves towards the center with the reverse and with the forward flow. This type of check valve is very good for low pressure as well as with the gas piping system. These are very lightweight and very convenient.

6.   Tilting disc check valve

This type of check valve is designed in a great manner that it allows the valves to fully open at the low pressure and close it quickly. This type of check valve floats so that the liquid flows on the bottom and top of the disc surfaces.

7.   Stop check valves

A stop check valve is actually two valves built in one body. It acts as a global valve for regulation and isolation purposes. It acts as a check valve to prevent the backflow and it also consists of external control mechanisms in angular directions.

8.   Diaphragm check valves

Diaphragm check valves utilize the rubber membrane with much flexibility that gives pressure and overcomes the rubber elasticity. Like all other valves, diaphragm valves respond to the minimal cracking pressure for their openings. These kinds of valves are mostly used in low pressure industrial piping systems and vacuum system pipelines.


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