Butterfly valve vs .ball valve

Butterfly valve vs .ball valve

Ball valves

A ball valve is a hole with a hole running towards it. Turning the position of the valve to block it partially and to complete the flow of line through the valve. Ball valves are usually used in high pressure gas or liquid lines with 6 inch or less diameter when a complete cut is very important.

Advantages of ball valves include the good seal or little to no leakage when the valve is closed. A ball valve turns pressure on the other side. If the valve hole is larger than the supply pipe the ball valve will offer no restrictions or pressure drop when it is opened.

Butterfly valve

A butterfly valve is the disk mounted on the rotating shaft. When it is fully closed the disk completely blocks the line. When it is opened the disk is at the right angle to the flow of liquid and gas. 

The biggest advantage for butterfly valves is that they are not very expensive to maintain and to build. They are the common valve for big volume water systems such as municipal water works. They are used for dirty liquid apps such as controlling river water and sewages.

Butterfly valve and ball valve similarities

Ball valves and butterfly valves do similar tasks but their similarities are limited. Both valves are:

1.       Affordable and long lasting

2.       They are made of durable materials like stainless steels and cast iron

3.       Quarter turn rotary valves that moves to 90 degrees to close and to open

4.       They are great options for fluid handling.

Butterfly valve vs .ball valve

Below mentioned are the few differences between a ball and a butterfly valve:

·         Ball valves seal in the best way. They are embedded in the sensitive application where the combination is a concern. They are well suitable for gas applications. Whereas butterfly valves take less space in the plant and they are embedded in the water services where the flow is controlled.

·         Ball valves are used for isolation. The bubble tight cut of ball valves makes them very much beneficial and popular. On the other hand butterfly valves provide both control and isolation mechanisms. They don’t provide bubble tight shutdown.

·         Costing of both the valves are less or more the same but the butterfly valves are much cheaper than the ball valves

·         In terms of installation space butterfly valves need small installation space in the comparison of ball valves.

·         Butterfly valves contain only 2 ports and on the other hand ball valves have multiple ports depending on the type and usage.

·         The butterfly valve slows down the flow of causing the important pressure drop. Whereas compared to butterfly valves, ball valves have entirely less pressure loss.

·         Both of them have different structures when compared to each other. Butterfly valves have come up with the same design that contains the thin disk in the thin body. On the other hand, ball valves have come up with a totally complex design. The disk of the ball valve has a hemispheric shaped disk inside the bulky body.


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