Gate valve pipe

Gate valves

Gate valves contain the flat disc that is called a gate that helps in traveling perpendicular to the stream flow. These gate valves are operated manually by hand for small gear sizes and they are operated for large sizes.

Gate valves are very less expensive than ball valves in quality and size. They work very slower than quarter turn valves and they are used in applications where valves are used very less. Gate valves are not used to adjust flow instead they utilize completely too fully close and open. Gate valves with an electric actuator are available through manual gate valves. They are very cost effective due to their use occasionally.

Piping material of gate valve

The gate valve is the piping element and it contains socket weld ends and flanges ends as small bore valve ends. The big bore valve contains raised face and flanged ends. Per project philosophy they use short and long patterns. The bore that is used as a full or reduced bore.

ASTM a 105 are used for CS ASTEM and F 304L for SS with NACE if necessary as small bore forged body. As a big bore cast body ASTM A216 Gr. WCB for CS if necessary.

150#, 800# classes are used and manufacturer standards are used for dim standards. Hand wheels up to 12 are used as operators.

What is a gate valve in piping?

A gate valve is used to completely shut off in the open position in the fluid flow. It provides full flow in the pipeline. It is used in the fully closed and in fully open conditions. A gate valve consists of the valve body, disc, seat, spindle, wheel for operating the valve.

Gate valves used in plumbing

Gate valves control the flow of the water as they are designed to be fully closed and open. If adjusting the water flow it helps in wearing out the valves. Gate valves are used for all types of circulations of fluid such as in fuel gas, air, stream oil, feed water and hydrocarbons.

Advantages of gate valves pipes

Diameter through the Gate valves is similar to the diameter of the pipe. When the gate is fully open it is completely out of the flow and there is very little drop in this type of gate valve.

Disadvantages of gate valves pipes

1.    Gate valves are partially opened and behave less or more as fully open. There is no control flow at all.

2.    Seats and gates of the gate valves get eroded if it is open partially. As it is eroded, positive seals are never achieved again.

3.    When it is partially open the pressure drop is very high.


A gate valve is a linear motion that has a rectangular and circular disc that slides across the opening to stop the flow. It acts as the gate and it is generally used for isolation purposes that is fully closed and open. These gate valves are not much used for throttling service because it contains the high velocity flow. It causes partial open disk to chatter and to vibrate the disc erosion and seating surface


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