Butterfly valve manufacturers

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves belong to the quarter valves category. Quarter valves contain the types of valves that are shut down and opened by turning the stem of the valve with the quarter. In the butterfly valve there is a disc attached to it and when the rod is turned it rotates the disc. The disc is rotated by the quarter in such a way that the disc has fallen perpendicular with the flow and stops it.

Top suppliers and manufacturers of butterfly valves

The market’s need for high performance butterfly valves has been increasing throughout the years. Well the demand has grown a lot in the last 5 years. We can also say that the gas and oil business is actually doing a fine job to facilitate this.

Butterfly valves are used in pharmaceutical, chemical and other food sectors to stop the flow of liquids, solid and gasses. Concentric butterfly valves, water style butterfly valves, triply eccentric butterfly valves and rotary valves are the different types of butterfly valves.

Below are the leading manufacturers of butterfly valves:

1. Xinhui Valve Co. Ltd. 

Since 2009, Xinhui Valve Co. Ltd. has been committed to providing expertly manufactured and reliable industrial valves worldwide. And after years of keeping our focus on innovation, management, and exceptional customer service, we have become one of the leading enterprises with the largest market share in the energy and valve industry. From valves improving the processes of the nuclear power plants, thermal power plantspetroleumpetrochemical, and coal chemical industries, we have manufactured a wide range of products that improved operations and offered solutions to countless businesses. We specialize in manufacturing high temperature and high pressure valves along with providing our customers with other quality liquid control related products and services.

2.   Butterfly valves and control Inc

Butterfly valves and control Inc. is a good supplier of quality butterfly control valves and different related company equipment for almost 25 years. This industry carries the best parts that are sourced from good class butterfly valve manufacturers. Their industry category includes the big selection of actuators, valves, positioners, controls and many more.

3.   MDC vacuum products LLC

MDC vacuum products manufacture butterfly valves and vacuum components. This company’s butterfly valves are very low outgassing. The Del seal butterfly valves contain stainless steel surface, metal seal, aluminum handle and other flanges.

4.   Score valves

Score valves manufacturers the triple offset butterfly valves sizes from 3 – 72 ANSI CL 150 – 600. These valves are manufactured to exact designs and standards with the proven history in gas and oil, pulp and paper.

5.   Stay flow valves and strainers

Stay flow valves and strainers is the leading butterfly manufacturer industry. This industry has the variety of products to fit the needs of other different industries. This includes PTFE lined high performance and baseline series. Stay flow valves and strainers provide the high quality valve products and they have knowledgeable industry experts.

6.   Advanced valve design Inc

Advanced valve design Inc are true believer in customers and in the quality. This is the reason all their products and butterfly valves have all the necessary certifications and regulations. This industry can meet any designs and customer requirements. Their goal is to make their customers happy 100% of the time.

Things to keep in mind when buying butterfly valves

If you are interested in buying butterfly valves for your app then it is highly recommended to get connected with the high quality butterfly valve manufacturer. Before looking for the butterfly valve manufacturers we suggest you write down the specifications first. Make sure that your list has the information included such as delivery deadline, standard requirements, budget and your customer support. After making the entire list, reach out to different valve manufacturers and speak to them. Contrast and compare your services and conversations that each valve company has offered. Then decide which butterfly manufacturing company is best for you


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