Butterfly valve vs .gate valve

Butterfly valve vs .gate valve

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves and gate valves are part of the same family. Butterfly valves come in many designs and in many materials and they are all specific to the systems. They are recognized in the industry for their excellent flow and for other control characteristics and sealing capabilities. Choosing the right valve is very important for the success of all kinds of control systems.

Gate valves

The gate valve functions as the gatekeeper. The movable gate that is located inside the valve blocks it or allows it. This movable gate is controlled by the mechanical assist such as lever and screw which lowers or lifts the gate. Gate valves come in many sizes and shapes but they tend to be large and they are designed to be controlled by the single app.

Butterfly valves vs .gate valves

The butterfly valves and gate valves have almost the same functions which helps in blocking and allowing the flow. Below are some of the reasons which valve is better and choosing the correct valve is very important.

1.   Gate valves perform better under pressure than butterfly valves. Its uses and construction keep going without even creating any pressure fluctuations.

2.   Gate valves perform much better durability than the butterfly valves. Butterfly valves produced with the high pressure tolerance and the design itself guarantees the high wear rate.

3.   Butterfly valves are small in size and they are compatible in terms of sizes. It allow these valves to be more versatile while using rather than in gate valves

4.   Safety depends on the use of the valves and the pressure is exposed. Butterfly valves are not actually designed to handle high velocity flow. Whereas gate valves are originally designed to handle high velocity flow.

5.   In terms of prices butterfly valves are cheaper than gate valves.

Application suitability of gate valves vs. butterfly valves

1.   Gate valves have high sealing tightness and they are more suitable for apps that contains zero leakage

2.   Butterfly valves are more useful for apps that requires throttling and flow modulation

3.   Gate valves are now more suitable for systems and it requires uninterrupted and bidirectional flow.

4.   Gate valves are more preferable to butterfly valves if a slurry flow does not require to be modulated.

Gate valves


1.   They allow uniform bidirectional flows

2.   This valve prevent water hammer because of its slow operations

3.   Gate valves withstand high pressure that is compared to butterfly valves


1.   More expensive compared to butterfly valves especially in large size

2.   They need large space for operation and installation compared to butterfly valves

Butterfly valves


1.   Affordable in large sizes and very light weight requires for its installation

2.   Suitable for apps that in under moderate to pressure conditions and high temperature

3.   This valve contains fast operation time which is very ideal for emergency shut offs


1.   They leave dirty material in the pipe and it has a large possibility of water hammers

2.   The thickness of the butterfly valve body creates resistance that stops the object flow and it causes the pressure to drop.


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