What is the API standard?

What are API standards?

API is the American petroleum institute. It is one of the largest trade associations for the oil industry and for natural gas. It represents 650 and more corporations.

List of API standards

The list of API standards are as follows:

1.   API 526

2.   API 560

3.   API 594

4.   API 599

5.   API 600

6.   API 602

7.   API 603

8.   API 605

9.   API 608

10.   API 609

11.   API 610

12.   API 611

13.   API 612

14.   API 616

15.   API 617

16.   API 618

17.   API 619

18.   API 620

19.   API 621

20.   API 650

21.   API 660

22.   API 661

23.   API 662

Some API standards

Below are the few standards that is handled by American petroleum institute (API):

1. NSI/ API 599

These include the metal plug valves end for flanging, welding and threading. A buying scheme for the metal socket valves includes butt welding and flanges iron plug devices.

2.   ANSI/ API 600

These include the bolted bonnet steel gate valves. It is used for natural gas industries and petroleum industries. It modifies adoption of ISO 10434: 1998.

3. API 602

It contains compact steel gate valves that are threaded, welded, flanged and extended body ends. These norms include compact carbon steel door valves in dimensions and lower in butt welding end, socket welding end and flanged ends.

4. ANSI/ API 603

Bolted bonnet gate valves are the variety of API 603. These include corrosion resistant, flanged and butt welding ends. This standard covers these types of valves in NPS dimensions.

5.   ANSI/ API 607

It includes the fire test for quarter turn soft seated valves. This standard includes the evaluation criteria and testing for the straight output when the valves are subjected to specific flame circumstances.

Benefits of using API standards

The benefits of using API standards are as follows:

1.   It helps in maximizing safety and protection of the environment. To enhance environmental and safety protection many countries encourage all the natural gas and oil operators.

2.   Helps in boosting national competitiveness. API standards are developed by operators and regulators all around the world.  Using API standards helps in policy making that ensures the technical regulation with trading rules.

3.   Helps in reducing cost and streamlining complexity. It also helps in minimizing environmental and safety hazards through equipment use.

Importance of API standards

APIs allow systems and application components. It helps in communicating with each other in internal networks as well as over the internet. They are very important to enterprise efforts and it helps in making internal services and applications accessible. It helps working over the internet to business partners, customers, suppliers and other parties.

How to subscribe to API standards?

API (American petroleum institute) is an online subscription service and it is one of the easiest ways to access all types of API specifications and standards. It helps in organizing compliance, safety and efficiency. Our digital platform gives users instant 24/7 access to all API updated specifications and standards.


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