Valve standards specification

Valve standards

Valves are used in many kinds of applications through the commercial, residential and industrial industries. Due to its high use there are many regulatory organizations and it provides standards. It provides standards to ensure proper compatibility, functionality and safety for users. Engineers today design a valve for using the valve in the system or product. It is designed for the specific industrial application and it reviews the standard documents.

Valve standards specification

There are many valves standards and this article will help you know all the Valve standards specification. Some of the industry specific valve standards are:

1.   API valve standard

API is the American petroleum institute. It is one of the largest trade associations for the oil industry and for natural gas. It represents 650 and more corporations. API standards help in ensuring the alignment and they help in creating the common language and working culture. They works as the team towards building an API product. If your organization is aligned while using the API products as the key for transformation success the API products become critical.

2.   ASME valve standard

The American society of mechanical engineers is the professional member industry that is focused on research, technical and educational issues. ASME is internationally recognized manufacturing and industrial standards to enhance the publishing safety. ASME provides hundreds of standards and many of them are very specifically set in few specific applications. It helps in the sun division of piping covers and in pressure valves. It covers the fabrication, design and operation of valves that bear pressure vessels and components.

3.   ASTM valve standard

ASTM is an international standard. It is officially known as the American society for testing materials. It is one of the largest voluntary standards that is developed in the world. Through 67 volumes in the 16 different areas the organization has mentioned standards. These standards are in the test procedures for checking the performance metrics and chemical compositions.

4.   ANSI valve standards

The American National standard institute is known as ANSI. It helps in setting guidelines and rules that are regarding the critical aspects of the components. All ANSI valves are very important with ISA specification. This is all due to the international society of automation and it helps in reaffirmations of existing valve standards and it includes ANSI valves standards.

5.   ISO valve standards

ISO is the international standards organization that is internationally agreed by all types of experts. Think of them as the formula that helps in describing the best way of doing something. This can be anything from making a product to managing the process while delivering the supplying materials or services. These ISO standards cover a huge range of activities. The purpose of ISO standards is a non-governmental organization and an independent organization that develops the standards. It helps in ensuring the safety, efficiency, quality, system and the services.


Valves are used in many applications in the commercial, industrial and in residential industries. Due to all these ranges of users there are many regulatory organizations and it helps in providing standards for proper safety, capabilities and functionality for users.


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