Valve nominal pressure


At their basics, valves are the devices that work to regulate, control and direct the flow within a process or system. They usually feature the characteristics range and it helps in defining applications. If you are looking for controlling the flow providing safety in systems that are solid, liquid, gas or anything in between. There are many stainless steel valves available to help the flow control.

What is Valve nominal pressure?

Nominal pressure shows the symbol PN and it allows maximum operating pressure at the given temperature. For the carbon steel valve body the working pressure for the app that is allowed is below 200. PN is also known as pressure nominal and it is used as a prefix to the flange’s pressure rates.  The nominal pressure of the valve actually refers to the design and the work pressure of the valve and this pressure level is classified according to the standards.

Valve nominal pressure on the components

Nominal pressure is the numerical value of the conventional series that is adopted. It is used for reference purposes to characterize the pipes, special parts and other elements of the pipes. This is all related to the inner hydraulic pressure that is withstanding in the external loads absence. Like the other pressure the geometric characteristics of the element coupling such as flanges. They are of the same series of Valve nominal pressure and inner pressure depend on:

1.   Type of material

2.   Safety coefficient applied

3.   Temperature

4.   Conception of the elements

Three Valve nominal pressure

The ISO 16422 standards of coupling and pipes are made of oriented poly vinyl chloride for the water conveyance under pressure. The specifications defines 3 Valve nominal pressure for PVC O design coefficient:

1.     Allowable operating pressure (AOP)

Allowable operating pressure AOP is the maximum hydrostatic pressure. These components are capable of withstanding services permanently.

2.     Allowable test pressure (ATP)

Allowable test pressure (ATP) maximum hydrostatic pressure that is installed. It is an on site component and it is capable of withstanding for a very short period of time. It ensures pipe integrity and tightness.

3.     Burst pressure (BP)

Burst pressure in one of the inner hydrostatic pressures. They are in the absence of external loads that renders the pipe material out of the service. In pipes of homogenous materials this valve nominal pressure is related to the minimum tensile strength.

Nominal pressure with different kinds of valves

Valve nominal pressure means the symbol PN. It is the maximum allowable working pressure when it is applied at a certain pressure. For control type valves they are mixed with the carbon body. It refers to the maximum working pressure that is allowed for applications below 120 degrees Celsius.  For the cast iron valve body it is referred to with the max working pressure. The nominal pressure of the control valves is determined not only on the max working pressure but also with the max working temperature and materials. These nominal pressures are not only to satisfy nominal pressure but also to the working pressure.


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