How to choose the valve according to the medium

Choosing valve according to the medium

As we all know the velocity and the flow of the valve depend mainly on the valve diameter. It also depends on the resistance of the medium structure and at the same time it contains internal relations with the temperature, pressure and medium concentration.

Checking the valve flow first

The flow area of the valve is directly related to the flow rate and flow velocity. The flow rate and flow velocities are two independent quantities. When the flow rate is constant it becomes large and the area is smaller. If the flow path area is large the flow of velocity is small. If the flow area is small the flow velocity is large.

1.   The flow rate of the medium is large. The valve diameter can be smaller but the resistance loss is large. The flow rate is large and it causes the electrostatic effect and danger.

2.   The flow rate is known and the velocity is determined by experience. The diameter is calculated by the flow rate.

3.   The diameter of the valve is the same but its structural type is different and the fluid resistance is also different. The greater the drag of the valve, the more is the flow rate through the valve. The smaller the coefficient resistance the less is the flow rate of fluid passing through valves.

Valve type selection

Choosing the right valve is very important for the success of all kinds of control systems. Before selecting valve below are few selection criteria that could be kept in mind:

1.   Required function

2.   Service conditions

3.   Fluid characteristic

4.   Fluid condition and type

5.   Operation frequency

6.   Isolation requirements

7.   Environmental considerations

8.   Cost

9.   Maintenance requirements

10.   Size and weight

Choosing the right valve according to the medium

Valve selection is the most important thing to do first. Choosing the right valve is sometimes confusing and very time consuming.  There are tips that we should keep in mind while choosing the valve according to the medium. Below are some of the tips which valve is better and choosing the correct valve is very important.

1.   Valve type and size

Choosing the right valve type and every valve needs to perform more than one or more functions such as: Shut flow, mix flow, divert flow, pressure relief, and adjust flow and backflow prevention.

2.   Construction materials

Knowing the comp ability of chemical requirements. The valve materials are needed to be compatible with liquids or gasses that are flowing through it. Plastic valves resist with the corrosive and harsh chemicals that are better than metal valves.

3.   Performance

Determining the temperature and pressure requirements. One should find both pressure and temperature ranges when the valve is installed. Metal valves are the best as they have a higher temperature and plastics. These are also best for pressurized gasses and hence they are stronger.

4.   Maintenance

Make sure to consider the maintenance. Valve choices should include and give attention to maintenance requirements. This is very important for both application stability and valve reliability.


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