Ball valve parts

What are Ball valves?

Ball valves are actually the mechanical devices that help in controlling, directing, guiding and in modulating the flow of substances such as liquids, pressures and gas etc. there are many types of ball valves which contain the different devices for different kinds of uses.

Different types of ball valves can be classified into different features such as the number of ports, their design, seat type, ball access, body assembly and their bore sizes.

Ball valve parts

This article will help you know the parts of the ball valves. Ball valves are constructed with many components and they are as follows:

1.   Valve body

This is the main part of the valve. It contains all the components for on and off controls.

2.   Rotary ball

This ball is designed with a center bore/ it helps in the flowing of the media. The direction of the ball is controlled by turning the stem.

3.   Stem

This connects the ball with the external and with control mechanism. Such as in the manual ball valve the stem is connected with the lever or with the handle.

4.   Seats

These are the discs that lie between the ball and the body. Seats provide a seal between two. It also supports the ball.

5.   Power source

The stem of the ball valve is rotated while using the actuated and manual power sources. Manual actuators include the handles and with the levers. They are controlled by an operator. Automated power sources such as pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuations are also available.

6.   Packing

This is the seal around the stem that helps in preventing the media from escaping.

7.   Bonnet

The bonnet is the part of the body. It contains the packing and the stem.

Ball designs

There are two main types of ball design: trunnion and floating. Floating is the most common design of the ball valve while trunnion balls are more expensive. Floating balls are supported by cupped seats to create a good seal between the bodies. Trunnion balls works with the floating balls. Only the seats are spring loaded and the ball is only rotated on its axis. The operating torque is very low for trunnion valves.  

Applications that ball valve uses

Ball valves are used everywhere from home to industries. Below are the applications that ball valves uses:

In home:

1.       Washing machines

2.       Outdoor hoses

3.       Dishwashers

In industries:

1.       Oil and gas

2.       Beverages and food equipment

3.       Automotive

4.       Vehicle wash system

5.       Power processing

6.       Pharmaceutical

7.       Manufacturing facilities

8.       Admixtures and chemical treatments


A valve is a device that helps in regulating and directing the flow of liquid by opening, closing and obstructing more than one passageway. Ball valves are a type of the quarter turn valves that helps in controlling flow. They serve as the more important alternative to similar valves such as gate valves and butterfly valves. Depending on the valve applications users should determine what kind of ball valve type is the right choice for them.


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