Angle globe valve

What is an angle globe valve?

Angle globe valve is a new globe valve who’s inner and outer are at each other. The basic design of this valve is similar to the globe valve but they have few differences in the fluid flow. The fluid has made 90 degrees and these valves are used in lines where the pressure drop and the pipe construction is hard.

Angle globe valve applications

Angle globe valves are identified in industries like petrochemicals, aerospace, pharmaceutical and ship buildings etc. these valves are used to control the medium flow in cooling and in foil oil systems. These angle globe valves are used for chemical, air, oil and other similar services where drop pressure is not concerned.

They are very good for those applications where safety and leakage are important issues such as low point and high point issues. Due to the design these valves are used in the control circuits and they help in controlling the pressure drop and flow range. The durability to achieve an extensive pressure and temperature range enables it to use it in the high pressure environment such as hydraulics and streams etc.

Angle globe valve classifications

These valves are classified on various parameters:

1.       Design of valve disc is classified as conventional ball disc, plug type disc and composition disc.

2.       Rotating stem with non-integral and integral comes under the disk stem valve configurations.

3.       Valve stem screw is classified as inner and outer stem screw.

4.       Bonnet designs of valves are classified as welded bonnet, flanged bonnet, pressure seal bonnet and union ring bonnet.

Working of angle globe valve

The angle globe valve closing and opening sections are shaped as plug valve discs. The sealing surface is conical and smooth and the flap travels down to the fluid line. The outer and the inner channels of the globe valve angle is also known as angle valve. They are not in the same direction while creating 90 degrees. This globe valve allows the medium to flow through it so that it could change the flow path which results in pressure drop.

Angle globe valve turns the flow direction by 90 degrees without the use of extra weld and an extra elbow. These valves are operated manually and the shorter disc travels and offers advantage in saving the time.

Benefits and features of angle globe valve

The angle globe valve contains a very simple, high performing and most efficient design. The sealing surface of the valve is made up of rough steel which is water and corrosion resistant and contains a long life.

The advantage of the angle globe valve is that it can be embedded at the corner of the pipe while having a 90 degrees elbow and helps in making it simple to operate. Angle globe valves are very ideal to use in fertilizers and synthetic ammonia processing systems. It is made up of steel and has the highest external and internal requirements. It has the strong fluid force on the disc and demands the least amount of driving force while switching.


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