What are types of valve end connections?

Valve end connection

Valves are manufactured and made with many end connection types that include socket welded, screw end, flanged and butt welds. Special connection can be done and it can be specified such as grooved, union, and with other connectors.

Screw end valves need very less labor connections; it also costs very less for other types. These valve end connections are used on valves that are made of steel and have a socket with an inner diameter that is larger than pipe’s outer diameter.

Types of valve end connection

There are 6 types of valve end connection and they are as follows:

1.   Threaded

Threaded valve end connections are very common in low pressure and in piping systems. These are easy and quick to assemble. They form very tight and good connections between valves and pipes. There are valves that are male and female threaded connections. There are more few standards that exist. The valves and pipes both are created using the same standard to make the proper connection. These includes sub types such as:

·         National pipe thread tapered

·         British standard pipe taper threads

·         British standard parallel pipe threads

2.   Welded

This type of valve simply has the socket with its inner diameter. It is slightly larger than the pipe’s outer diameter.  These are also called socket welds. These are usually reserved for smaller sizes. They are permanent connections and they are leak free as well. Heat sink fins should be used more to protect seals during welding.

3.   Flanged

Most flanged end connections are very useful for industry standards. These kinds of standards define the specific criteria met in order to facilitate the product use. Some of the other kind of flanged end connections includes:

1.   Round flange types

2.   ANSI flanges

3.   ANSI flange (lugged style)

4.   ANSI flange (waffle style)

5.   Tri-clamp

4.   Compression

This type of connection is found mainly on water lines in plumbing. They don’t need heat like other valve end connection needs. The connection uses two pieces in addition of pipe and valve. They are the ferrule and compression nut.

5.   Union

Union connections have the threaded nut that is needed for a male valve end connection. Mostly union connections need another type like glue, welded, threaded onto the valves. Once installed union connections can easily be removed from the pipes that are using this type connection.

6.   Manifold mount

Manifold mount valve end connections incorporate the flat face with o rings around the ports. The ports on the valve are aligned with the ports on the components. Bolts are used to hold the valve in place of the mating surface on which it is mounted. The ports on the valves are aligned with the ports on the component.


There are many different types of connection that are used to install valves. It also requires other processing components in the piping process system. They all perform the same functions that help in the piping system. It also allows it to perform its function and has all types of pros and cons.


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