China Customized Elastic seat seal gate valve supplier


China Customized Elastic seat seal gate valve supplier

Z45X elastic seat gate valve (Description)

The sealing face of the dark rod wedge gate valve is made of stainless steel and hard alloy for long service life. Flexible graphite packing, reliable sealing, portable and flexible operation. Drive mode: split, electric, pneumatic, gear drive; Structure: elastic wedge type single ram, rigid wedge type single ram and double ram type. Widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, water treatment, thermal power plants and other oil, water steam pipeline for connecting or cutting off the pipeline medium opening and closing device .

The opening and closing part of the gate valve is the gate plate, and the direction of movement of the gate plate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve can only be fully opened and closed, and can not be adjusted and throttled. The gate valve has two sealing surfaces. The two sealing surfaces of the most commonly used gate valve form a wedge, and the wedge Angle varies with the valve parameters, usually 50, and 2°52′ when the medium temperature is not high. Wedge gate valve can be made into a whole, called rigid gate; It can also be made to produce a small amount of deformation of the gate, in order to improve its processability, make up for the sealing surface Angle in the processing of the deviation, this kind of gate is called elastic gate. When the gate valve is closed, the sealing surface can only rely on the medium pressure to seal, that is, relying on the medium pressure to press the sealing surface of the gate to the other side of the valve seat to ensure the sealing surface, which is self-sealing. Most gate valves are forced to seal, that is, when the valve is closed, it is necessary to rely on external force to force the gate to the valve seat to ensure the tightness of the sealing surface.

The gate plate of the gate valve moves linearly with the valve stem, which is also called the lifting rod gate valve. There ARE USUALLY trapezoidal THREADS IN THE lifting ROD, WHICH pass through the nut at the top of the valve and the guide groove in the valve body to change the rotational motion to linear motion, that is, to change the operating torque to operating thrust. When THE VALVE IS OPENED, THE FLOW PATH IS COMPLETELY CLEAR WHEN THE GATE LIFT height is equal to 1:1 times the valve diameter, but this position cannot be monitored during operation. In actual use, the apex of the stem is used as a mark, that is, the position of the open and immovable, as its fully open position. In order to consider the temperature change appears lock phenomenon, usually in the opening to the apex position, and then back 1/2-1 turn, as the position of the fully open valve. Therefore, the fully open position of the valve is determined according to the position of the gate, that is, the stroke. Some gate valves, the stem nut is located on the gate plate, the handwheel rotation drives the valve stem rotation, and the gate plate is lifted, this kind of valve is called rotating rod gate valve or dark rod gate valve.

Gate valve principle

The closing piece (Wedge Disc) moves along the vertical direction of the center line of the passage for full opening and full closing.

Gate valve selection

Gate valves are mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, generally not used as regulation or throttling.


Gate valve according to the classification method can be divided into: parallel gate valve, wedge gate valve, lift gate valve, rotary rod gate valve, fast opening and closing gate valve, shrink gate valve, flat gate valve, etc.

Gate valve features

The fluid resistance is small, the applicable pressure and temperature range is large, the medium flow direction is not limited, and the sealing performance is good.


Model Nominal pressure MPa Test pressure MPa Operating temperature Applicable medium
Seal Strength
Z45H-10CZ45W-10PZ45T-10C 1.0 1.1 1.5 -29~425℃ Water, steam, oil
Z45H-16CZ45W-16PZ45T-16C 1.6 1.76 2.4

Main material

Model Valve body、 Valve deck、Flashboard Seal circle 阀杆 填料
Z45H-10CZ45W-10PZ45T-10C carbon steel, stainless steel Stainless steel, copper Stainless steel, copper Flexible graphite ring impregnated with asbestos

Boundary dimension

Caliber DN (mm) Z45H-10C Z45H-16C
L D H D0 L D H D0
40 165 145 300 160 240 345 200 160
50 178 160 300 180 250 355 240 180
65 190 180 340 180 270 375 240 180
80 203 195 360 200 280 435 280 200
100 229 215 400 200 300 500 320 200
125 254 245 500 240 325 615 360 240
150 267 280 550 240 350 675 360 240
200 292 335 620 320 400 750 400 320
250 330 390 700 320 450 970 450 320
300 356 440 800 400 500 1145 560 400
350 381 500 950 400 550 400
400 406 565 1050 500 600 500
450 432 615 1175 500 650 500
500 457 670 1410 720 700 720
600 508 780 1550 720 800 720
700 610 895 1800 800 900 800
800 660 1010 2170
900 711 1110 2300
1000 811 1220 2600
1200 1015 1450


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